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Boomers, Echo’s and X’s: Generational and other Structural Shifts and Their Impacts on Future Demand for Real Estate in the Coming Decade

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Demographic changes have long been acknowledged as important determinants of economic growth and real estate market demand. However, real estate analysts have not in the past been as explicit as is warranted regarding their impacts. As we look over the coming decade of the 2010s, wesee that particularly significant shifts in the composition of the U.S. population will drive demand patterns that will differ from previous decades. Technological changes related to these demographic shifts will further impact demand patterns, which are also not always sufficiently acknowledged. We therefore felt compelled to incorporate these anticipated changes more specifically into our market forecasts, as reflected in RREEF’s recently published “2011 U.S. Real Estate Investment Outlook and Market Perspective,” which summarizes the basis for RREEF’s investment strategy in the coming year. In order to explore these impacts in depth, sociologist and demographer Nina Gruen of Gruen Gruen + Associates has collaborated with RREEF Research on this paper.

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