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Liquefied Natural Gas Market in Europe

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Liquefied Natural Gas Market in Europe

Infrastructure funds are increasingly targeting energy investments amid rising worldwide demand for energy. World energy consumption is expected to increase by 49% from 2007 to 2035. Specifically, electricity is the fastest growing formof end-use energy consumption. Natural gas is an important fuel for electricity generation and is less expensive than oil as a primary energy source. Global natural gas consumption is expected to increase by 1.3% per year on average, from 108 trillion cubic feet in 2007 to 156 trillion cubic feet in 2035 and use in the electric power sector increases by 1.6% per year.
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas that is stored and transported in liquid form at a temperature of -162o C. Liquefying natural gas provides a means of moving it long distance when pipeline transport is not feasible. LNG takes up 600 times less space than regular natural gas at ambient temperature and pressure, which makes it easier to store than natural gas and efficient to transport over long distances.

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