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Preqin Special Report : US Hedge Fund Industry

The Leading Player in Hedge Funds

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Preqin Special Report : US Hedge Fund Industry

The United States is the center of the hedge fund industry, with more hedge fund managers and investors by number than anywhere else in the world. Hedge funds have had a rocky few years globally, as the credit crisis hit performance and the fundraising environment became more difficult. However, the US has recovered faster and more strongly than other regions across the globe and is currently enjoying the fastest growth in terms of assets under management, having already added $150bn in assets in 2013 so far.

The US is a key destination for those fund managers looking to pick up assets from institutional investors. Some of the largest and most prolific investors are based in the country, and these investors have stayed the course with hedge funds, despite performance concerns over the past few years. Institutional investors in the region recognize the value that hedge funds can add to their portfolio, particularly in providing strong risk-adjusted returns. We have seen a shift in how investors in the US view hedge funds since the mid-2000s – hedge funds are no longer the reserve of wealthy individuals, family offices and a select group of endowment plans. Institutional investors, in particular public and private sector pension funds, have begun to allocate significant sums to hedge funds to complement their traditional equity and fixed income portfolios, and we have seen investors using hedge funds as way to diversify their existing 60/40 model.

Source : Preqin

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