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Annual Market Review - December 2013

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The FTSE EPRA/NAREIT developed (Global) Index lost 1.0% during December 2013. Global equities leveled at 0.0% and the Gobal Bonds market leveled at 0.0% as well. Real estate markets in North America lost 0,8%. Europe lost 0,2%, while Asia was down 1,6% over the month.

The annual performance for 2013 for global real estate was -0,1% (26,7%) compared to an increase of 23,9% (16,,9%) for global equities and a gain of 0,4% (4,1%) for global bonds.  Annualised 10-year rolling returns for real estate investments stands at 7,8%. Equities gained 7,3% while bonds markets achieved a 3,8% return per annum.

Source : EPRA

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