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Germany’s Top Resi Cos

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Top 10 Resi Cos Grow to 1.1m Units

The 10 largest owners of German residential real estate currently own 1.1m housing units up from 0.9m in 2011.

Compared to 2011, there are three new entrants to the Top 10: Dt. Wohnen with the largest absolute increase in housing units (96k), TAG with the largest rise within the Top 10 over a two year period and Vivawest (established by merger between Evonik Wohnen and THS).

5 out of the Top 10 residential owners are listed companies: The largest three German residential owners (Dt. Annington, Dt. Wohnen and GAGFAH) are publicly listed with two other listed players (LEG and TAG) at number six and seven.

Public housing companies account for another four of the largest ten German housing investors.

Vivawest - a residential owner with an unusual ownership structure, encompassing a foundation, a pension fund, a union and publicly listed Evonik – completes the Top 10.

Source : Barkow Consulting

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