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Sweden : Investors demand is widening - Q4 2013

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A research produced by DTZ

Transaction volumes in Q4 2013 turned out to be a bit lower than expected at SEK 30 bn. However, the full year volume ended at SEK 99 bn, which is in line with the year historic average.

Domestic investors have been heavily dominating the Swedish market over the last few years and this trend continued also in Q4 2013. With five transactions completed by foreign investors in Q4 2013, of which two were large, the international share rose to 19%.

Quoted and private property companies accounted for an equal share of 26-27% of the investment volume followed by institutions at 21%. The largest net buyers were private property vehicles followed by quoted property companies.

In terms of geography, investors had a strong, but declining, bias toward Stockholm also in Q4 2013. Residential and offices have remained the two largest investment sectors for 34% and 23% respectively this quarter.

Source : DTZ (Groupe UGL)

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