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Real Estate 2020: building the future

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It’s March 2020. Ahmed Naneesh, chief investment officer of a sovereign wealth fund and steward of one of the world’s largest real estate portfolios, is chairing a panel at the Singapore World Real Estate Forum, 2020’s leading real estate event. The topic for debate is ‘Building the Future – Surging Demand for Real Estate Capital’.

In the past few years, demand for private capital for real estate investment and supporting infrastructure has increased enormously. In the emerging economies, the great migration to the cities, growing population and swelling middle class are creating a desperate need for more urban real estate. In the advanced economies, the cities are also growing, although not so rapidly, while technology, demographics and environmental issues are becoming new value drivers. As Ahmed’s panellists relate (and the forum organisers broadcast on the Web to watchers worldwide), real estate as an asset class is changing fast. Mega real estate managers are emerging, which are building and investing in real estate on an epic scale; yet, small specialist managers are also playing a significant part. The landscape is becoming more widespread and complex, with a wider range of risk and return than ever, plus new drivers of value.

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