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U.S. Watch

Just as we expected the economy to lift-off in 2014 and execute some breathtaking aerial maneuvers, a la the "Double McTwist 1260" or "YOLO flip" on the half-pipe, it has stalled. It hasn't been quite as disappointing as the wipeout experienced by Shaun White on the half-pipe or the U.S. speed skating team, but the U.S. economy looks vulnerable to a loss in momentum. While medal hopefuls at Sochi lamented the toowarm weather and less-than-optimal snow conditions, too much wintry weather is being blamed for weak labor and housing market reports. A majority of economic data releases over the last several weeks have failed to make the podium. After years of summer slowdowns being blamed on political brinkmanship /election cycle politics/regulatory burden/health of the banking/financial sector, one has run out of excuses. Winter weather is an easy target to heap blame on, much like the new suits donned by the U.S. speed skaters. Just a hiccup or a game-changing turn? Until the fog of winter lifts, seasonal abnormalities in the data will cloud the picture.

Source : CBRE Global Investors

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