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Germany - Take-up stable - investment volume increased - Q4 2013

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A research produced by DTZ

In the fourth quarter of 2013 around 1.16 million sq m warehousing space was newly let or passed to owner-occupiers through purchases or starts of construction. This made the fourth quarter slightly weaker than the previous, when a take-up of just 1.7 million sq m was registered, and almost 100,000 sq m weaker than the second quarter.

Purchases of industrial properties totalled € 2.03 bn over the year as a whole and reached the highest yearly level since 2007. Compared to 2012 the transaction volume rose by 16%. With a share of 49% and therefore equating to approximately € 1 bn in value, it was foreign capital above all that ensured the good result.

178 new warehouses and logistics centres with space totalling up to just 2.4 million sq m saw completion in 2013. Thereof 39 properties with an area of 434,000 sq m were completed within the Top 5 markets.

Source : DTZ (Groupe UGL)

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