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U.S. Watch

Momentum. Acceleration. Expansion. Upbeat. Optimistic. It has been years since the financial press in the U.S. used these positive words to describe the economic recovery. The increased frequency with which these words are showing up in articles reflect optimism about the sustainability of the recovery that is no longer being second-guessed, at least not widely. The Q2 GDP rebound (4.2% annualized), the 2.6 million jobs created in the last 12 months, the consistently low jobless claims in the 300,000 range, the 50+ readings on the ISM indices, the pick-up in housing and the 17.45 million SAAR light vehicle sales in August are indicative of an economy that is enjoying a healthy pace of expansion. Even spotty global economic risks and geopolitical flare-ups have yet to unsettle the situation. If anything, U.S. continues to be a favored safe haven for investors. The normalization of monetary policy appears to be on track and carefully managed. And, the fiscal drag from austerity measures is also fading fast. It is only a matter of time when the headlines will turn to guessing when the next recession will be and what will trigger it. Tech bubble, anyone? Or, Oil price spike?

Source : CBRE Global Investors

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