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Shopping centres & e-commerce : survival of the fittest

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Shopping centres & e-commerce : survival of the fittest

E-commerce is rapidly gaining ground in all sectors and regions as businesses and consumers learn how to harness new  technologies and new ways of working. But how is it shaping the shopping centre market and is it as significant as some headlines tell us?

According to the experts who took part in this survey, it is indeed a crucial force changing the industry but it is also just one of a number of factors. Indeed, many see it more as an enabler for bigger macro forces, such as demographics, economics, sustainability and globalisation.

However, while retail is all about issues such as value, brand and quality, technology and e-commerce are embedded in each of these and hence it is increasingly difficult to draw a line between what is retail, what is e-tail and what is just good business.

Source : Cushman & Wakefield

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