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Responsible Property Investment 2014

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There is a range of environmental and social issues that, if not properly understood and managed, could impact fund and asset performance. For example, poor energy efficiency could fall below future mandatory standards and/or render an asset less attractive to occupiers, forcing us to make costly improvements, in turn stunting rental growth, hastening asset depreciation and reducing capital values. Ensuring that our investments are resilient to RPI risks requires that we understand what the risks are, monitor the portfolio to identify areas of weakness and have systems in place to resolve them.

We seek to manage and mitigate environmental impact throughout the entire investment process. This starts at acquisition, where we assess performance in relation to issues such as contamination and flood risk, energy performance and environmental certification – all of which can affect our decision to buy or how much we are willing to pay. Consideration of key environmental risk factors is also included in all annual asset plans, ensuring that we maintain an up-to-date awareness of asset-specific and portfolio-wide issues and the measures taken to address and mitigate them. Over the coming pages we look at some of the specific initiatives we have implemented across our global portfolio to manage RPI risks and capitalise on opportunities to enhance performance.

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