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Investment opportunities in Europe’s innovation hotspots

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Investment opportunities in Europe’s innovation hotspots

Investors are increasingly looking for new ways to find opportunities away from the relatively crowded prime markets in Europe’s top cities. This paper examines whether innovation is one metric for finding such lesserknown opportunities.

Historically, science technology, engineering and mathematics – bound together under the acronym STEM – have been at the forefront of all the major industrial revolutions from the invention of Watt’s steam engine in the UK in the 18th century to the digital age (computers, internet, mobile phones) which is in full swing today.

One way to forecast future growth spots, therefore, is to measure innovation. To this end, we have analysed data from the European Patent Office (“EPO”) . The fruits of innovation tend to be delivered over a relatively long time horizon, so we believe this data sheds light on the long-term growth prospects of Europe. 

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