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A united front: businesses and workers demand flexibility

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Over 44,000 workers globally were asked for their views on flexible working and the drivers contributing to its increasing popularity. They were also asked about attitudes to remote management and their overtime work patterns.

Giving employees the opportunity to work flexibly such as choosing to work closer to home also helps tackle the issue of leasehold under occupancy (17%) as businesses are able to reduce underused fixed office space costs.

Setting up locations closer to customers also help to boost sales (67%) and to attract and retain top local talent (64%) that may be put off by lengthy commuting. In fact 61% of respondents report that the need to improve work:life balance is driving up the increase in flexible working.

Almost half of respondents think that more workers demand to work flexibly to be closer to home (48%), and therefore to combat the rising cost of commuting (32%). 

Source : Regus


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