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Offices Barcelona - Q1 2016

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Offices Barcelona - Q1 2016

During the rst quarter of the year, the Spanish economy sustained the momentum of 2015 and achieved estimated GDP growth of 0.7% (according to forward data from the Bank of Spain). Growth is likely to continue. Producer expectations for sales increase are indicated in the purchasing manager’s index (PMI) growth for the rst quarter of 2016. This is backed up by private sector spending (both from households and businesses), better access to credit and increases in employment. . With the latter the government recorded an increase of 138,000 new jobs in the period from January to March. Once seasonal effects are discounted, this gure adjusts to 53,000 employees, 93% of whom belong to the service sector. The growth in business activity and employment are unaffected by the climate of uncertainty.

Source : BNP Paribas Real Estate 

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