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European Urban Connectivity Ranking

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European Urban Connectivity Ranking

Connectivity is the smart physical and digital infrastructure that make our cities tick and helps their economies to grow. It keeps the wheels of our transport systems turning smoothly. And crucially, it brings together residents, visitors, businesses and public and private institutions.

The power of connectivity doesn’t stop there. At M&G Real Estate, we believe that well-serviced connectivity infrastructures help to underpin a city’s property fundamentals too. We also believe that a better understanding of connectivity can help investors to identify relative value opportunities in real estate and to future-proof their investments more effectively.

That’s why we developed the M&G Real Estate European Connectivity Rankings to grade 64 European cities based on their capacity to improve physical and digital urban connectivity in the face of the growing density pressures that face Europe’s cities today.

The table below highlights a snapshot of our top-10 city performers based on their final connectivity scores. In this paper, we outline the methodology behind our rankings, with the complete rankings appearing on page 11 of the Appendix.

Source : M&G Real Estate

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