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Sustainability Report 2016 : Embracing the future

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Sustainability Report 2016 : Embracing the future

Insurers are tied by the nature of their business to healthy and sustainable developments in society. We can and must be a force for good. We help our customers to cope with challenges such as climate change and natural catastrophes, personal safety and data security risks and momentous changes sweeping society. As a global insurer and long-term investor, sustainability is part of our DNA. We think in long-term outcomes and how we can make the world a more resilient place.

The newly adapted Corporate Responsibility Strategy is built on three pillars: Low-Carbon Economy, Social Inclusion, and Business Integration. And we’re already putting this into practice. We strongly support the renewable energy transition and decarbonization of the economy through sustainable investments in things like wind parks. We have, as a company, shrunk our own carbon footprint. We support children and youth through our Encouraging Future Generations Program, which empowers young people to grow with confidence and shape resilient, more inclusive societies. And we integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles throughout our investment and insurance business by holding business decisions up to the light and asking ourselves, ‘Will this benefit society and our customers in the long term?’.

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