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Residential Property Focus : How much is the UK worth?

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Residential Property Focus : How much is the UK worth?

Calculating the value of the UK’s housing stock not only throws up some fascinating figures, it also illustrates the issues facing the market.

Once a year I set myself the challenge of revaluing the entirety of UK housing stock. It gets increasingly complicated. The spreadsheets are huge. The figures are massive. It gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction. It drives my colleagues to distraction.

Not only do I look at how much house prices have changed, but I factor in how much new housing has been built and where. I also look at how the country’s net housing wealth is divided between owner occupiers and investors. Then, in a crescendo of analytical self indulgence, I try and work out how it is distributed between generations.

It chucks out some fascinating numbers. Who would have guessed that the housing stock of just two London boroughs is more than that of the whole of Wales? Who would have anticipated private landlords have as much housing equity as owner occupiers with a mortgage?

Source : Savills

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