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Trend Indicator 1/2015

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Trend Indicator 1/2015

What does this year hold in store for real estate? Will Germany continue to be seen as a safe haven and the driver of economic growth in Europe? Will the low interest rates and tremendously high level of liquidity increase the risk appetite of investors as well as banks? The current issue of our online survey – the trend indicator – answers all of these quesions.

Since 2014, Berlin Hyp’s new “trend indicator” has continued the efforts of the successful “Immoment im Trend” expert survey conducted by Berlin Hyp and LBB.

Some 140 real estate experts participated in our survey in May 2015 and shared their expectations for the real estate market in the year ahead.

The survey provides an assessment of the German real estate market for the coming year and an outlook as regards future prospects.

One familiar focus is on the topic of megatrends. In addition, we carefully examine each segment of the real estate market.

Source : Berlin Hyp

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