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Flexible workplaces in Poland

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Nowadays flexible working is greater than ever before and requires flexible solutions and therefore serviced offices and coworking spaces are on the rise in Poland.

The largest flexible offices market in Europe is the UK with over 1,100 locations in central London. The market is also developing at fast pace in such cities as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Madrid and Warsaw. The highest share of flexible office space as a percentage of total take-up is observed in London where the share stood at 12.0% from Q1 to Q3 2017. In other analysed cities, the share was significantly lower, however from Q1 to Q3 2017 some significant increases were observed: up to 6.7% in Barcelona and 5.9% in Vienna.

Flexible office space is gaining on importance also in Poland. In Warsaw, the market has been increasing since 2015, from 0.9% of total take-up in 2015 to 3.1% observed between Q1 and Q3 2017. Warsaw is the largest market in Poland with a supply of almost 84,000 m² of flexible office space in 95 locations, of which 80% of space is located in modern office buildings. Kraków is the second largest market with almost 15,000 m² of flexible office space (38% in modern buildings) in 25 locations, followed by Poznań with over 8,200 m² (78% in modern buildings) in 18 locations and Wrocław with almost 6,200 m² (63% in modern buildings) in 14 locations. In total these four cities account for over 113,000 m² of flexible office space in 152 locations. The highest share of flexible office space located in modern buildings in total modern office stock was observed in Poznań (1.4%) and in Warsaw (1.3%), whereas the lowest one was noticed in Kraków (0.5%) and in Wrocław (0.4%).

Source : Savills


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