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Business Outlook 2018 :Embracing change

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Business Outlook 2018 :Embracing change

The persistent economic uncertainty that has hampered activity for 10 years may have finally broken, heralding the start of a more positive period for businesses that embrace change.

True, higher inflation and sluggish wage growth are squeezing consumer spending and acting as a drag on the speed of UK growth. Yes, construction and service growth haven’t demonstrated quite the vigour we’d like. And, of course, a continuing lack of clarity around Brexit is hampering some investment, nevertheless manufacturing indices continue to be positive. 

Unemployment is at its lowest rate since 1975, inflation remains low, interest rates are stable and manufacturing growth is strengthening on the back of a global economic recovery. In short: the economy is continuing to recover and still has plenty of room for growth.

At Christie & Co we are seeing the signs of increasing confidence and economic positivity in almost every sector in which we operate. Pipelines continue to grow by double digits as we enter 2018.

Activity is being fuelled in part by the availability of finance and a surge of investors – many from outside the UK – looking for good opportunities and sound returns. Asian investors particularly view the UK as an attractive investment opportunity thanks to the country’s stability and relatively low value of the Pound.

We have noticed a shift in capital sources over the past year. US investors who are traditionally risk averse, have stepped back from the UK market in the wake of Brexit but have been replaced by Asian capital that continues to seek opportunities specifically in the UK.

In 2018 we will continue to develop and expand our international businesses where the appetite for investment is strengthening daily and there are plenty of opportunities for Christie & Co.

We will focus on bolstering teams at home and internationally to capitalise on our expertise to attract and support both new and well-established clients who need help navigating the market, and who want to ensure a highperforming business.

Source : Christie & Co

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