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Anthony Gahan

Listed 20/06/2019

London's IPSX said set to revolutionise CRE valuations, securitisation, ownership

London-based IPSX, the new stock exchange dedicated to property firms, is set to revolutionise the way CRE is valued, securitised and owned, says consultant (...)

Finance 17/04/2019

Real estate exchange IPSX could process 5-10 IPOs this year

IPSX, the dedicated real estate stock exchange launched in London in January, could process five to 10 IPOs this year after strong demand from (...)

Finance 09/01/2019

IPSX property exchange wins UK approval, expects first European asset IPOs soon

IPSX, a private London-based stock exchange aimed at European REIT listings for single property assets and portfolios, has received approval from the UK's FCA. It (...)

Finance 23/11/2018

IPSX real estate exchange to launch in London next month, Germany soon

After some regulatory delays, IPSX, a stock exchange dedicated to real estate, is set to launch next month in London and will come soon (...)