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Finance 25/03/2024

France's investment property performance plummeted in 2023 (MSCI)

The MSCI France Annual Property index posted an annual performance of -7.7% to December 2023, a sharp fall compared with 2022 that has not (...)

Office 01/02/2024

French real estate investments experienced a -12,3% capital growth in 2023 (MSCI)

Sharing a preview into the performance of real estate investments in France for 2023, MSCI’s reports that the capital growth level in French property (...)

Finance 14/12/2023

The year 2023 worse than expected, according to the MSCI Barometer

Carried out in October 2023 among a panel of investors whose combined real estate assets exceed €280bn, the survey conducted by MSCI and BPCE (...)

Finance 15/06/2023

A majority of investors plan to reduce their property allocation

Property investors remain in the waiting room if the latest MSCI barometer carried out in association with BPCE Real Estate Solutions is to be (...)

Finance 29/03/2023

The performance of French investment property in free fall in 2022 (MSCI)

Investment property in France generated a total annual return of +1.9% in 2022, according to the MSCI France Annual Property Index. This performance is (...)

Finance 01/02/2023

Office capital growth level was -2.4% in France for 2022 (MSCI)

MSCI's calculations show that the office capital growth level in France for 2022 was -2.4% on standing investments. “MSCI France Capital Growth Preview provides a (...)

Finance 07/12/2022

« About 48 % of investors plan to maintain their real estate acquisition volume »

Business Immo : What is the mood of real estate investors in the current economic climate ? Carine Dassé : First of all, it (...)

Finance 21/06/2022

Investors keep their faith in real estate

Despite the economic and geopolitical turmoil, investors confirm their appetite for real estate in 2022, reports the latest MSCI/BPCE Real Estate Solutions barometer. Two-thirds (...)

Finance 10/05/2022

French CRE investment erases its 2020 underperformance (MSCI France)

Is real estate still the winning asset class for institutional investors? With an overall return of 6.7% in France in 2021 according to MSCI (...)

Finance 28/03/2022

Investment property in France performed at 6.7 % in 2021 (MSCI)

The MSCI France Annual Property Index returned 6.7 % at the end of December 2021, up significantly from 3.2 % in 2020. A capital (...)

Finance 08/12/2021

"Investors are adopting refocusing strategies"

Business Immo: What is the state of mind of investors as we approach 2022? Carine Dassé: When we conducted this survey at the beginning of (...)

Finance 17/06/2021

“There are no banned real estate products among investors”

Business Immo: What is the mood of property investors after reading the results of your new barometer? Carine Dassé: Investors expect the real estate market (...)

Finance 30/03/2021

French CRE investment continued to perform well in 2020 despite the crisis - MSCI

The MSCI France Annual Property Index posted an overall performance of 3.2% at the end of December 2020, down sharply from the 8.4% recorded (...)

Finance 08/02/2021

France’s office capital growth level was -0.8% for 2020 - MSCI

The office capital growth level in France for 2020 was -0.8% on standing investments, reports index firm MSCI France’s growth preview. All asset classes (...)

Finance 18/09/2020

French property investments return 0.6% for H1 2020 - MSCI

After concluding 2019 with an overall performance of 8.4%, property investments in France posted a total return of 0.6% in H1 2020, according to (...)

Finance 18/06/2020

"This crisis was primarily an accelerator of underlying trends"

For its 27th edition, the barometer carried out by MSCI in partnership with Crédit Foncier Immobilier questioned, in the unprecedented context Covid-19 pandemic, 20 investment (...)

Office 13/12/2019

"Despite constraints, real estate will continue to attract investors in 2020"

Live from Simi (Paris) - The 26th MSCI Barometer of French real estate investment was presented in Simi by Carine Dassé, Vice President of (...)

Office 06/12/2018

"Prime yields on offices in Paris CBD have reached a floor"

Live from Simi (Paris) –Prime yields on Paris central business district office investments have reached a floor, say Carine Dassé, vice-president of MSCI Real (...)