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Dominique Moerenhout

Listed 15/10/2020

"Listed retail REITs will overcome the crisis".

Business Immo: The retail sector is said to be in agony, is this how you describe listed retail properties today?   Dominique Moerenhout: The situation of (...)

Listed 11/09/2019

EPRA marks 20th anniversary with listed property having returned average 7.7%

In the last 20 years, European listed real estate has returned 320% to investors, or an annual 7.7%, says EPRA, marking its 20th anniversary (...)

Listed 11/09/2019

Underweight listed real estate positions mean investors fail to maximise returns

Underweight positions in listed real estate means investors are failing to maximise returns on their savings, says a new study conducted by Oxford Economics (...)

Listed 04/03/2019

Belgian Ascencio, Swedish Sagax join FTSE EPRA Nareit index

Belgium-based retail property firm Ascencio and Stockholm logistics group Sagax are to join the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Europe Real Estate Index effective 18 March. The Brussels-based European Public Real Estate Association (...)

Listed 14/02/2019

Portugal REITs are 14th in EU but tax yet to be clarified - Iberian Property/EPRA conf.

With its REITs launch this month, Portugal became the 14th of 28 EU members to introduce the regime, but the tax status has yet (...)

Listed 11/09/2018

HIAG, Montea, Civitas to join FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Europe Index

The European listed real estate firms HIAG, Montea and Civitas, respectively quoted in Zürich, Brussel/Paris and London, are to be added to the FTSE (...)

Listed 16/05/2018

New technologies will optimise, disrupt, transform real estate - EPRA

Emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will optimise efficiencies in real estate, transforming business models, but will also disrupt those (...)