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Emmanuel Macron

Territories 30/06/2020

Emmanuel Macron in favour of a moratorium on new commercial zones on the outskirts of cities

In the aftermath of the green wave in the municipal elections, French President Emmanuel Macron received the 150 members of the Citizen's Climate Convention (...)

Retail 21/04/2020

Hotels & Restaurants: the sector is calling for partial coverage of operating losses

The French hotel and catering sector is hoping for strong measures, such as exemption from the payment of local taxes and duties in 2020, (...)

Retail 14/04/2020

France: shops in some train stations are exempt of rent until April 30

The French National Railway Company, SNCF, and two partner property companies have announced they will exempt of paying rent —from 16 March to 30 (...)

Juridicial 19/03/2020

"Owners could dispose of their real estate assets, which would generate investment opportunities."

With the containment and closures decided by the French government, the real estate market is impacted as a whole. So, what happens to the (...)

Retail 18/03/2020

Five French retail federations requesting the cancellation of rents and charges

Five French federations representing retailers - Alliance du Commerce, FCA, Procos, FFF and FNH - are calling for "the cancellation of rents and rental charges (...)

Finance 17/03/2020

Coronavirus : French Minister of Economy and Finance announces €45bn in immediate aid for businesses

Since President Emmanuel Macron's announcement last night of a stricter general containment, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, considered that this (...)

Finance 17/03/2020

France suspends rents for businesses

Adressing the nation yesterday, French president Emmanuel Macron announced that the State was going to implemant an exceptional plan to defer tax and social security (...)

Retail 07/11/2019

Macron drops support for Europacity retail/leisure megaproject north of Paris

French President Emmanuel Macron has dropped support for the Europacity megacomplex of leisure and shopping facilities north of Paris, which he now considers outdated. Confirming information from (...)

Retail 14/10/2019

Paris Gare du Nord wins green light for controversial €600m renovation

Paris Gare du Nord’s €600m renovation project has received a green light for its controversial commercial components, even if opponents are not yet admitting (...)

Housing 30/08/2019

Slowdown in French home building on city outskirts results from govt. policies - minister

The slowdown in single-family home building on city outskirts is the intentional result of government policies to favour inner cities, says Minister of Housing (...)

Finance 26/08/2019

Berlin's Scope says France’s budget deficit rise to 3.1% not necessarily negative

Berlin-based Scope Ratings says France’s budget deficit, headed to 3.1% of GDP this year, is not necessarily negative, and the long-run impact of policy (...)

Logistics 13/06/2019

Paris debates future of 35km 'périph' ring road

After deciding to 'green' the Eiffel Tower district and pedestrianise several traffic arteries, Paris is now debating the future of the 'périph', its 35km ring road, (...)

Housing 10/05/2019

France opens way for social housing tenants to purchase their homes

The government approved an order on Tuesday to facilitate the sale of social housing to individuals by allowing them to extend the time maturity (...)

Finance 16/04/2019

"The church is burning and the whole world is crying"

Ravaged by an huge blaze that has caused shock and sadness worldwide, France's national treasure, the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, is to be rebuilt, (...)

Logistics 11/04/2019

France starts campaign to seek investors for 51% stake in airport operator ADP

The French Finance Ministry is starting a campaign to seek investors to take over the state's 50.63% stake in worldwide airport operator ADP, which (...)

Housing 25/03/2019

With €3bn invested in housing, new €1bn fund, Catella looks for value in Europe

With €3bn invested in European residential, Sweden's Catella is adjusting its view on value as its nine focus markets shift, especially after launching a (...)

Housing 14/03/2019

France launches building code flexibility to support development, minister tells BI

France is introducing flexibility into building codes to provide more leeway for developers to produce needed accommodation, Minister Julien Denormandie told BI in an (...)

Finance 20/02/2019

France’s SCPIs set out to conquer Europe

French SCPI real estate funds (société civile de placement immobilier), mainly designed for private savers, have invested €7.1bn outside the nation in the last (...)

Finance 06/11/2018

Euro RE investment slowdown offset by 3Q deal flurry, pipeline pickup - RCA

The European real estate investment slowdown deepened over the summer, but concerns over the ageing market cycle were offset in 3Q18 by a flurry (...)

Office 02/11/2018

Merkel's twilight of gods moment may bring 'German Macron' to power

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps back from power, the twilight of the gods has begun. But while it will sweep away many of (...)