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Emmanuel Macron

Green 30/08/2022

Energy efficiency: Elisabeth Borne sets a course for business leaders

"The time is serious, but it is no longer a time for statements", said the head of government. It is a time for resolute (...)

Green 21/06/2022

"The few remaining building mayors are heroes"

Business Immo: In your book, you oppose the camp of the "decreasers" and the camp of the optimists. Who are they? Guillaume Poitrinal: First of (...)

Housing 16/09/2021

New housing: French developers still waiting for the recovery - FPI

For the observatory of the France's developer association FPI (Fédération des promoteurs immobiliers), the quarters pass and the problem remains the same. Greatly affected by (...)

Territories 11/06/2021

British Normandy Memorial inaugurated in Ver-sur-Mer

On the occasion of the ceremonies marking the 77th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, the British Normandy Memorial located in Ver-sur-Mer (Calvados) (...)

Retail 22/04/2021

French retailers' representatives call for "imperative reopening of all shops by 10 May at the latest"

The presidents of the twelve major French retail federations (including Procos) and more than 150 managers of retail networks are calling on the government (...)

Career 17/03/2021

"Men have everything to gain from gender equality" — Mercedes Erra, BETC

Women in business: this is not a topic that should be addressed only once a year, on 8 March, but at all times. To (...)

Career 24/02/2021

Société du Grand Paris: Thierry Dallard is about to step down

Thierry Dallard, Société du Grand Paris’ Chairman of the Management Board, is reportedly about to step down. “French Prime Minister Jean Castex obtained the departure (...)

Retail 01/02/2021

No lockdown for France, but non-food >20,000 sqm shopping centres have to close

The French, as well as many economic actors were expecting a third lockdown to fight against Covid-19. Rather, President Emmanuel Macron opted for a reinforced (...)

Hospitality 15/12/2020

Despite performances at half-mast, France's hospitality industry can hope again - Extendam

After a second lockdown decreed on October 29th by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to slow down the Covid-19 epidemic, the poor performance (...)

Retail 25/11/2020

Emmanuel Macron announced the reopening of shops on November 28th

In a televised address to the French nation, the Head of State Emmanuel Macron spoke and announced a number of new measures to fight the Covid-19 (...)

Finance 30/10/2020

Second French lockdown: a tax credit for landlords who will cancel part of their business rents

The day after the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, announced a second lockdown in France, the French government detailed at a press (...)

Retail 29/10/2020

Compagnie de Phalsbourg cancels rents for brands affected by France's new lockdown

Last spring, Compagnie de Phalsbourg was the first French landlord to cancel all non-food store rentals for the duration of the lockdown. Following the (...)

Territories 16/07/2020

Environment, retail, urban renewal plan: the main announcements of France's new Prime Minister

New French Prime Minister Jean Castex has delivered his general policy speech to the members of the French Parliament gathered at the National Assembly. Among the main measures (...)

Territories 30/06/2020

Emmanuel Macron in favour of a moratorium on new commercial zones on the outskirts of cities

In the aftermath of the green wave in the municipal elections, French President Emmanuel Macron received the 150 members of the Citizen's Climate Convention (...)

Retail 21/04/2020

Hotels & Restaurants: the sector is calling for partial coverage of operating losses

The French hotel and catering sector is hoping for strong measures, such as exemption from the payment of local taxes and duties in 2020, (...)

Retail 14/04/2020

France: shops in some train stations are exempt of rent until April 30

The French National Railway Company, SNCF, and two partner property companies have announced they will exempt of paying rent —from 16 March to 30 (...)

Juridicial 19/03/2020

"Owners could dispose of their real estate assets, which would generate investment opportunities."

With the containment and closures decided by the French government, the real estate market is impacted as a whole. So, what happens to the (...)

Retail 18/03/2020

Five French retail federations requesting the cancellation of rents and charges

Five French federations representing retailers - Alliance du Commerce, FCA, Procos, FFF and FNH - are calling for "the cancellation of rents and rental charges (...)

Finance 17/03/2020

Coronavirus : French Minister of Economy and Finance announces €45bn in immediate aid for businesses

Since President Emmanuel Macron's announcement last night of a stricter general containment, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, considered that this (...)

Finance 17/03/2020

France suspends rents for businesses

Adressing the nation yesterday, French president Emmanuel Macron announced that the State was going to implemant an exceptional plan to defer tax and social security (...)