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Finance 21/09/2023

Decline in SCPI inflows: what impact on the investment market?

For some months now, the debate about the state of SCPI funds has been raging among investors. Everyone has their own comments to make, (...)

Finance 31/07/2023

"For the next five years, the asset story will be more important than the sector selection"

Business Immo: How do you analyse the European commercial real estate at the moment given the macroeconomic tensions felt in recent months? Mike Bessell: All (...)

Finance 19/07/2023

Inflows to French retail real estate funds plummet in H1 2023

According to Aspim and IEIF, retail real estate funds, like SCPIs and OPCIs, collected €4.1bn in H1 2023, down 53 % on H1 2022. "The (...)

Finance 12/07/2023

The debt funding gap looms over the property industry

The pre-pandemic years were a good time for the French property markets. "Property investment continues to be very dynamic in France, particularly with commercial (...)

Finance 05/07/2023

Financing : the « crash test » at the end of the year ?

Four percent. This was the refinancing rate set by the European Central Bank (ECB) on June 21, raising the key rate another notch - (...)

Finance 05/07/2023

Only €6.2bn invested in French commercial property since the start of the year

After a sluggish start to the year, the French commercial property investment market has been even less active over the past three months. "At (...)

Finance 08/06/2023

Eurozone in recession in early 2023, GDP revised downwards by Eurostat

The Eurozone entered a technical recession at the start of the year, with GDP declining for two consecutive quarters, by 0.1 % between January (...)

Office 06/06/2023

Will office transactions rebound faster in London?

According to a recent Savills survey, the correction in office prices is underway throughout Europe. But London seems to have completed its correction in April, (...)

Finance 22/03/2023

The times they are changing... and the real estate cycle with them

A lot can change in a year. “At the end of 2021, real estate market activity was dynamic," recalls Christoph Knaack, CEO of Preqin, (...)

Finance 17/03/2023

« What's going on in the investment market ? »

Business Immo : Each Mipim has its own context. What do you retain from this 2023 vintage ? What is the state of mind (...)

Finance 03/01/2023

Will 2023 be a year of (re)definition for real estate markets?

"The specificity of the current period is that it distinguishes between two time scales: the first around a peak in inflation that may or (...)

Finance 04/10/2022

After a 2021 recovery, French real estate professionals are apprehensive about the incoming financing storm (IEIF/IFPImm)

After seeing their production drop from €26bn to €20bn between 2019 and 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, real estate financiers produced €30bn in (...)

Finance 29/09/2022

More than €3bn of transactions pulled from the French investment market over the summer

"Between July and August, we recorded between €5bn and €6bn in unsuccessful marketings, either due to a lack of supply or because the offers (...)

Finance 08/09/2022

Prepare for recession, says Nouriel Roubini at EPRA

The economist, a professor at New York University's Stern School of Business and the chairman of the Roubini Macro Associates economic consultancy firm, is (...)

Finance 08/07/2022

"European real estate could lose 7 % in a stagflation scenario"

BiTV Interviews welcomes Thomas Verbraken, Executive Director in Risk Management Solutions Research at MSCI. In recent blog post, he addressed how Eurozone inflation and ECB policy (...)

Finance 21/06/2022

European non-listed real estate performance remains resilient in Q1 2022 (INREV)

  European non-listed real estate delivered its fourth consecutive quarter of strong positive performance in Q1 2022. The INREV Pan-European Quarterly Asset Level Index posted (...)

Finance 09/06/2022

“The pricing of real estate remains attractive compared to other asset classes”

Business Immo: M&G Real Estate reported a record fund-raising for its M&G European Property Fund in Q1 2022. How do institutional investors view real (...)

Finance 02/03/2022

IEIF lists the first impacts of the Ukraine war on the economy and real estate

What are the first impacts of the war in Ukraine on the economy and real estate? Béatrice Guedj and Pierre Schoeffler, Senior Advisors at (...)

Finance 27/01/2022

Growth, inflation, interest rates: where will the French property market go from now until 2024? – IEIF

The exceptional economic situation in 2020 did not allow for a numerical forecast last year. This is not the case today. Using sophisticated econometric (...)

Finance 06/05/2021

Return of inflation: what about the property markets?

"Inflation has returned with a vengeance to the financial markets. Its evolution is rightly the focus of concern. "This is the observation made by (...)