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Listed 04/04/2024

European listed property ready for another rebound, according to Sofidy

"At the beginning of 2022, we left the realm of negative interest rates and property companies adjusted instantly to an unknown interest rate landing (...)

Finance 15/03/2024

At Mipim, real estate investors want to believe in a normalisation of the market

After the macroeconomic storm of the last two years, whose thick fog forced property investors to put their allocation decisions on hold, could it (...)

Finance 24/01/2024

Should French real estate fear turbulence as it braces for landing?

"The first thing that is clear is that the period of monetary unorthodoxy observed over the last 15 years is over", says IEIF Chairman (...)

Office 22/11/2023

"Office investment : fighting value obsolescence"

Business Immo : How do you see the investment market, and more broadly, the macroeconomic context ? Cevan Torossian : With almost €9bn invested (...)

Listed 08/11/2023

The stabilisation of interest rates is serving Europe's listed property well, according to Sofidy

Listed property in Europe is currently enjoying an impressive rebound. With a 16% rally since 25 October - "the strongest rally ever recorded for (...)

Office 12/10/2023

A new pricing reality

On March 16, 2022, the Federal Reserve approved its first 25 basis point interest rate increase in over three years. This was the first (...)

Finance 12/10/2023

Inflation is entrenched and rates will be too

Inflation Is Entrenched and Rates Will Be Too The Federal Reserve may raise the federal funds rate another 25 basis points later in 2023. At (...)

Finance 11/10/2023

"Many asset classes offer attractive prospects for investors"

Business Immo Global : How are the inflationist pressure and interest rate environment evolution affecting the American commercial real estate markets? Richard Barkham : Even (...)

Finance 21/09/2023

Decline in SCPI inflows: what impact on the investment market?

For some months now, the debate about the state of SCPI funds has been raging among investors. Everyone has their own comments to make, (...)

Finance 31/07/2023

"For the next five years, the asset story will be more important than the sector selection"

Business Immo: How do you analyse the European commercial real estate at the moment given the macroeconomic tensions felt in recent months? Mike Bessell: All (...)

Finance 05/07/2023

Only €6.2bn invested in French commercial property since the start of the year

After a sluggish start to the year, the French commercial property investment market has been even less active over the past three months. "At (...)

Finance 09/06/2022

“The pricing of real estate remains attractive compared to other asset classes”

Business Immo: M&G Real Estate reported a record fund-raising for its M&G European Property Fund in Q1 2022. How do institutional investors view real (...)

Finance 27/01/2022

Growth, inflation, interest rates: where will the French property market go from now until 2024? – IEIF

The exceptional economic situation in 2020 did not allow for a numerical forecast last year. This is not the case today. Using sophisticated econometric (...)

Finance 20/03/2020

With troubled and volatile markets, investors should stay diversified - Nuveen

As market volatility surges and more governments and policymakers around the world close borders and enact quarantines, investors are struggling to understand what is (...)