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Housing 17/09/2020

After a disastrous 2nd quarter, France's developers sound the alarm (again)

Already hit by a very difficult start to the year, French housing development was heavily penalised by the Covid-19 pandemic in the second quarter of (...)

Housing 04/09/2020

New housing: the blind spot of the French recovery plan —FPI

The Federation of the Real Estate Developers (FPI) considers new housing as the blind spot of the French recovery plan. FPI estimates that "the (...)

Housing 16/07/2020

France’s real estate developers unveil new housing recovery plan

“Let's help the city of tomorrow get out of the ground." This is the motto of the recovery plan recently presented by French developers’ (...)

Housing 11/06/2020

France’s new home market collapses, but not because of Covid-19

Whether in terms of supply or demand, French housing development indicators are in the red in the first quarter of 2020, reports the developers’ (...)

Housing 02/06/2020

Resumption of construction : more challenges ahead - FPI

After several weeks of interruption, French developers’ associaton FPI (Fédération des Promoteurs Immobilier) reports a resumption of almost all of its members building sites, (...)

Housing 24/04/2020

France’s construction sector shows signs of life, but permits and sales remain at a standstill – FPI

While the French government has focused on the conditions for the resumption of construction sites, for the developers’ associaton FPI (Fédération des Promoteurs Immobilier), (...)

Territories 17/04/2020

French government rectifies suspension of deadlines on building permits

In order to facilitate the continuity of activity in the construction, development and real estate sectors, the French government has reduced extensions of deadlines (...)

Housing 08/04/2020

Building sites reopening: the owners are sceptical

The good practice guide for construction companies, drawn up after a week of negotiations between the French government and construction representatives, does not seem (...)

Finance 24/03/2020

"The real challenge for Constructa lies in the activity on the building sites and with the notaries"

The shutdown of building sites, the inability of notaries to meet clients physically, the closures of administrations delivering planning authorisations: numerous problems caused by (...)

Housing 12/09/2019

'Free fall' in French residential permits cuts 2Q sales by 11.6%

The issuance of building permits in France for multi-family housing is in free fall, cutting sales in second quarter by 11.6%yy, says the developers' associaton FPI. The FPI Real (...)

Housing 23/05/2019

French 1Q new home sales fall 2.5% but still at high level - FPI

Sales of new homes in France fell 2.5%yy in first quarter, but still held at a high 35,598 dwellings, according to the residential developers (...)

Housing 29/10/2018

French housing starts, permits extend slowdown in third quarter

Housing starts and new permits in France extended the slowdown in third quarter begun at the start of the year, with starts off nearly (...)