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Office 20/12/2023

What new locations will Morning be opening up in the coming months ?

In a "somewhat stormy coworking market", Morning is "staying the course". This figure of speech comes from Clément Meyer, Morning's Deputy Managing Director. "The (...)

Retail 19/12/2023

Champs-Élysées : luxury, records and envy

By the summer of 2022, the 150 Champs-Élysées building had already made headlines for a €650m deal. It was acquired from Groupama Immobilier by (...)

Finance 07/12/2023

€15bn worth of deals withdrawn from the French property market in 2023

"Due to a lack of agreement between sellers and buyers, the number of deals withdrawn from the market has been countless, in fact since (...)

Retail 06/12/2023

A €1bn deal on the Champs-Élysées

It has become a key theme for the French commercial real estate market in 2023: luxury groups are snapping up prime Parisian real estate. (...)

Finance 16/11/2023

At the IEIF conference, the new world takes shape between "making do" and "doing better"

Although the economic context seems to be dampening hopes of continued growth, "it offers a much healthier environment", believes Christophe Morel. Taking note of (...)

Finance 09/11/2023

Paris remains an attractive property location... for the time being

Buoyed by the depth and liquidity of its property market, Paris has once again done well in the "Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe" (...)

Career 19/07/2023

A new president for ULI France

Change of governance at the head of Urban Land Institute France (ULI France). Sébastien Chémouny, recently appointed Managing Director of Ofi Invest Real Estate, (...)

Retail 22/06/2023

What's behind Gecina's sale of 101 Champs-Élysées?

Shortly before 7pm on Tuesday evening, Gecina shook off its torpor in a hitherto ankylosed investment market, awaiting a repricing, by issuing a press (...)

Territories 20/06/2023

"Vision 2030" of soft mobility for Paris' Avenue de la Grande Armée

For the past decade, Paris's main thoroughfare has been the focus of a wave of urban and architectural activity that has led to the (...)

Office 03/05/2023

In Nanterre, within its own campus, Groupama takes over Crystal Défense

The Crystal Défense building in Nanterre has changed ownership. DTZ Investors made it official today via a press release. In the role of the (...)

Hospitality 13/09/2022

Groupama Immobilier is selling the 150 avenue des Champs-Élysées

The deal should make history. According to our information, Groupama Immobilier has sold 150 avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris' 8th arrondissement, a property complex (...)

Office 12/09/2022

Paris 8th's 18-20 rue Washington rented by a digital transformation specialist

After a major restructuring, the building located at 18-20 rue Washington, owned by Groupama Immobilier in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, has been leased (...)

Retail 13/04/2022

The NBA will play in France with first shop in Paris

The American basketball championship has been circling the capital for a while. Tempted by other districts, it finally landed on the boulevard Saint-Michel that (...)

Office 26/10/2021

Primonial REIM and Société Générale Assurances buy La Défense's Window

Primonial REIM France and Société Générale Assurances have announced the acquisition of the Window office complex located in La Défense from Oxford Properties Group.  Entirely restructured (...)

Territories 01/07/2021

Paris La Défense: when Groupama Immobilier sets out to reclaim public space

Has the development of La Défense been taken over by the private sector? That's the question one might ask: yesterday, Groupama Immobilier unveiled, on (...)

Office 01/03/2021

La Défense: The Link is attracting the attention of investors

La Défense's The Link - Total's future headquarters - has entered a new phase. In mid-February, Paris La Défense and Groupama Immobilier signed the (...)

Office 25/02/2021

Paris La Défense and Groupama Immobilier sign the deed of sale for "The Link"

Paris La Défense and Groupama Immobilier have just signed the deed of sale enabling the acquisition of the land and the additional building rights (...)

Retail 02/12/2020

BMO REP set to land its first asset trophy on Paris' Champs-Élysées

Yellow jackets, strikes, then a worldwide pandemic reducing the flow of international tourists like a sore thumb: one could not have predicted worse scenarios (...)

Career 26/11/2020

To cope with the crisis, RICS is preparing a transformation

To face the financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, RICS is preparing to adopt a transformation plan covering both its operations and the (...)

Office 11/06/2020

Total signs off-plan lease on Paris La Défense’s 130,000 sqm The Link

Paris-based Groupama Immobilier and French multinational oil and gas company Total have announced the off-plan signing on 14 March of a lease to make (...)