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Logistics 16/04/2024

Multiple sales at 5.5% in the French logistics market

The winds are blowing in the French logistics market, where deals are multiplying. In Q1 2024, according to GIE ImmoStat, the volume of investments (...)

Logistics 08/04/2024

Only 31 rental transactions in the logistics market in Q1 2024

According to data compiled by GIE ImmoStat and EOL, the logistics property market has seen a slowdown since the start of the year, with (...)

Finance 08/04/2024

When will the commercial property investment market recover ?

€1.7bn invested in commercial property in France in Q1 2024. That's all. A 64 % fall on Q1 2023. This figure, made official this (...)

Office 05/04/2024

With a 451,700 sqm take-up in Q1 2024, Paris' office market is showing resilience

According to the ImmoStat results published today, 451,700 sqm of office space was marketed in Paris Region during Q1 2024. This figure, which includes both (...)

Career 17/01/2024

Stagnating salaries, hiring freeze... France's real estate hiring market at a standstill

"Real estate players are showing a great deal of caution, with 2023 likely to be a year of two halves, with the first half (...)

Finance 15/01/2024

Only €388m invested in commercial real estate in Aix-Marseille-Provence in 2023

According to ImmoStat and the commercial real estate commission of Fnaim Aix-Marseille-Provence, the final volume of the investment amount in 2023 stands at €388m, (...)

Finance 09/01/2024

A 57% fall in French commercial real estate investment by 2023

There was no miracle to be expected from the ImmoStat results published on Friday. And there was none. In France, the overall amount of (...)

Retail 19/12/2023

Champs-Élysées : luxury, records and envy

By the summer of 2022, the 150 Champs-Élysées building had already made headlines for a €650m deal. It was acquired from Groupama Immobilier by (...)

Finance 12/12/2023

"There are similarities between the current crisis and that of the 1990s... but also many differences"

Business Immo : Is the current crisis comparable with that of the 1990s ? Boris Capelle : There are similarities, but also many differences. (...)

Hospitality 18/10/2023

The French hotel industry starts autumn on a good note (Extendam)

After a radiant summer, French hoteliers enjoyed a dynamic September month, with RevPAR up (again) and occupation levels still buoyant, reveals the monthly barometer (...)

Finance 06/10/2023

Only €5.5bn invested in the Paris CRE market since the start of the year

It comes as no surprise to anyone, but once again the ImmoStat results, revealed this morning, have only served to confirm the suffering state (...)

Office 06/10/2023

Office take-up in the Paris Region down 12% at the end of Q3 2023

At the end of September 2023, office take-up in the Paris Region stood at 1,351,600 sqm, down 12% on 2022, according to figures released (...)

Logistics 06/10/2023

Portfolio deals are igniting the French logistics investment market

Only €1.5bn has been committed to the French industrial property market since 1 January, a paltry volume compared to that of 2022 (-72%), which (...)

Office 20/07/2023

"A slow start to the year, but we're already catching up"

Business Immo: How would you sum up the first half of 2023? Éric Siesse: Yes, we had a slow start to the year, but we (...)

Finance 12/07/2023

The debt funding gap looms over the property industry

The pre-pandemic years were a good time for the French property markets. "Property investment continues to be very dynamic in France, particularly with commercial (...)

Office 11/07/2023

Paris 8th: an XXL signature at 54-56 Boétie

This is THE lease for the first half of 2023. At least in Paris' central business district. It concerns an asset acquired by Norges (...)

Office 06/07/2023

Office take-up in Paris Region down 22% in H1 2023

In the first half of 2023, take-up of office space in the Paris Region totalled 816,200 sqm, down 22% compared with the first half (...)

Housing 16/05/2023

Residential investment in free fall in Q1 2023

In Q1 2023, overall residential investment in France, as defined by ImmoStat, was €530m, down 83 % compared to Q1 2022. This result is (...)

Logistics 20/04/2023

Take-up of light industrial in the Paris Region collapsed in Q1 2023

Take-up of light industrial* assets in the Paris Region stood at 196,800 sqm for the first quarter of 2023, down 51% compared to Q1 (...)

Finance 14/04/2023

Only €93m invested in the Aix-Marseille-Provence region in Q1 2023

Between January 1 and March 31, €93m was invested in commercial real estate in the Aix-Marseille-Provence region, according to ImmoStat and the commercial real (...)