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Finance 23/09/2020

Covid-19 tightens grip on European non-listed real estate performance in Q2 - INREV

For the second consecutive quarter, the most recent INREV Quarterly Asset Level Index reveals a dip in performance for European non-listed real estate in (...)

Finance 08/07/2020

European real estate performance reflects impacts of Covid-19 in Q1 2020 - INREV

The negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the European real estate industry are starting to show, according the INREV Quarterly Index for Q1 (...)

Finance 10/06/2020

Real estate assets across Europe record a significant drop in performance - INREV

The INREV Quarterly pan-European Asset Level Index, which measures performance of the European real estate market at asset level, posted a drop in total (...)

Finance 05/06/2020

Global real estate AUM stands at €3.2tr, up 15.7% - INREV

Total real estate assets under management (AUM) stands at €3.2tr at the end of 2019, according to the ANREV/INREV/NCREIF Fund Manager Survey 2020, a (...)

Finance 15/04/2020

Real estate investment: Capital raised pre-COVID-19 hits record high (INREV)

According to the Capital Raising Survey 2020, recently published by Inrev, Anrev, and NCREIF; investment managers recorded a bumper year for capital raised globally in 2019, (...)

Finance 20/11/2019

Current real estate allocation in main European nations is 11.2%

The current allocation by investing institutions to real estate in the main European nations stands at 11.2% of assets on average, significantly up on (...)

Finance 19/06/2018

Aided by consolidation, global property fund AUM rises 22% to average €16.7bn

Primarily due to rapid growth of big managers, aided by a trend to consolidation, average assets managed by global property funds last year rose (...)

Finance 08/06/2018

German property funds post highest returns in 10 years at 4.3%

German real estate funds last year posted their highest total returns in 10 years, at 4.29% after 2.68% in 2016, says industry body INREV. Domestic-focused (...)

Finance 22/05/2018

European 2017 real estate fund returns surge to 9.40% - INREV

Returns in European real estate funds surged last year to 9.40%, totalling all returns, from 5.99% in 2016, according to the non-listed property fund (...)

Finance 19/04/2018

INREV eyes fund returns' index; EU regulatory background remains dynamic

INREV, the European non-listed real estate association, is scaling up its index family to include an IRR returns measure, says new CEO Lonneke Löwik. (...)

Finance 17/04/2018

Global RE near end of cycle: Europe furthest away, China past it - Heise

While the global real estate economy is near the end of the cycle, Europe is furthest away and China already past it, Allianz Chief (...)

Finance 17/04/2018

Currency costs cut institutions' US investment but family-office interest high - Olsen

The rise in currency hedging costs is impacting allocations to US real estate by European institutions required to hedge, but the interest of wealthy (...)

Finance 16/04/2018

Rule of law, transparency, liquidity are key investment criteria - INREV panel

Rule of law, transparency and liquidity in global real estate markets are the key criteria for allocations, the INREV Annual Conference heard in a panel bringing (...)

Finance 13/04/2018

Japanese institutions finally enter European property; RFPs land with managers

Japanese institutions are finally entering European property, BIE has learned. Requests for proposals have been landing with several senior investment managers since late last (...)

Finance 12/04/2018

Rise of China, America's reaction is biggest geo-political risk - Fischer

The most dangerous geo-political risk facing the world is the rise of China and America's reaction to it, former German Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor (...)

Finance 11/04/2018

New capital raised for non-listed real estate in 2017 rises 25% to €152bn

New capital raised by global real estate investment managers last year rose 25% to €152.3bn, according to the 2018 Capital Raising Survey, published by (...)

Office 18/01/2018

Investors aiming to boost real estate to 10.2%, adding €51bn - report

More than half of all global investors plan to raise real estate exposure in the next 24 months, targeting a median 10.2% allocation, says (...)

Finance 17/11/2017

Alternative investments offer yield pickups, growing demand, INREV conference hears

Steady price rises across standard real estate types and yield pickups are prompting more investors to examine alternatives, the INREV Autumn Conference heard. Bus depots, industrial (...)

Housing 16/11/2017

Population ageing means lower RE returns, falling house prices – INREV conf

The fast rise of the elderly as a component of developed world populations implies a low-return world and real estate returns at 5-6% over (...)

Finance 16/11/2017

Party still ahead for western economies; RE price rises should continue – INREV conf

Western economies are in good shape, and caution since the global financial crisis should give way to normalisation and a top-of-cycle ‘party’ soon, Berenberg Bank Chief (...)