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Jean-Philippe Ruggieri

Finance 29/07/2020

Nexity's H1 2020 results strongly impacted by Covid-19

French listed real estate company Nexity’s group share of net profit came to €7m for H1 2020, versus €52m for H1 2019, a downward trend (...)

Finance 07/05/2020

Nexity: turnover down by 11% in 1Q20

After the start of 2020 marked by a dynamic in line with that of the previous year, Nexity noted since March 16, 2020, due (...)

Career 24/04/2020

Nexity's Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Philippe Ruggieri, has passed away

Jean-Philippe Ruggieri, the CEO of the Nexity group, died last night as a result of the Covid-19. Jean-Philippe Ruggieri, 51 years old, had taken over (...)

Housing 20/03/2020

France’s Nexity ready to make vacant housing available during the crisis

During a press briefing, French Minister Julien Denormandie spoke about the provision of vacant accommodation for the homeless, indicating that discussions were currently underway. (...)

Housing 09/03/2020

France's Nexity acquires 65% of German developer pantera AG

French developer Nexity has acquired 65% of Cologne-based residential developer pantera AG’s share capital, with the intention to develop its real estate services platform (...)

Housing 30/09/2019

France's Harvestate in first close at €130m for urban housing fund

France's Harvestate Asset Management has made a first close at €130m in commitments for a new fund, Terrae Optimae 1, targeting urban land and housing redevelopment. The alternative investment (...)

Listed 29/03/2019

Dinin to step down as CEO of French housing group Nexity

One of France's best known real estate entrepreneurs, Alain Dinin, is to step down as chairman and CEO of listed housing firm Nexity, and (...)