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Jean-Pierre Hanin

Office 09/12/2019

Belgian Cofinimmo signs to sell AXA building in Brussels for €50m

Belgian REIT/RREC Cofinimmo has signed to sell the Souverain/Vorst 23/25 office building in Brussels, widely known as the AXA building, for €50m.  The company gave no (...)

Listed 31/07/2019

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo 1H net rises to €75m, focus firmly on healthcare

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo first half net profit rose to €75m from €68m in June 2018, and said its focus this year has been on healthcare real (...)

Office 19/07/2019

Cofinimmo calls €50m Brussels Souverain/Vorst office sale a milestone

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo, in what its CEO described as a milestone, has signed an agreement to sell the Souverain/Vorst 23-25 office buildings in Brussels for (...)

Listed 27/06/2019

Belgian Cofinimmo's second care homes buy for €148m takes acquisitions to €300m

In a second deal via payment in kind, Belgian Cofinimmo has added seven more domestic care homes worth €148.1m, taking total investment announced Wednesday to almost (...)

Listed 08/02/2019

Belgian Cofinimmo boosts net core profit to €145m in 2018

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo increased net profit from core activities to €145m group share in 2018 from €139m in 2017, and said it invested at three times (...)

Health / Senior 14/06/2018

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo pays €172m for 17 German care homes at 5.5%

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo said it has signed to acquire 17 German nursing and care homes for €172m in a deal done at an initial gross rental (...)

Finance 09/02/2018

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo 2017 net rises to €139m, appoints Hanin as new MD

Belgian REIT Cofinimmo, the nation's largest listed property company, raised net result by 3.6% to €139.1m in 2017 though the result per share climbed more (...)