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La Poste Immobilier

Finance 05/12/2023

"We seek to partner with institutional investors as early as possible"

Business Immo : What makes up La Poste's real estate assets ? Camille Gehin : First, a few figures. In terms of surface area, (...)

Logistics 13/06/2023

P3 Logistic Parks and La Poste Immobilier join forces in Grand-Couronne

Together with La Poste Immobilier, P3 Logistic Parks is developing a 19,000 sqm platform on a 12 ha site in Grand-Couronne, a suburb of (...)

Office 29/11/2022

The coworking market continues to grow, the operated office asserts itself a little more

The « rise of the French coworking market », in the words of Mehdi Dziri, should continue over the next 18 months. When interviewed (...)