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Larry Young

Finance 23/06/2020

“We can expect a lot of activity on Europe's CRE markets for the rest of the year”

Even though investors still had capital to deploy over the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a 40% drop in CRE investment (...)

Office 04/02/2020

European CRE investments reach record €281bn in 2019 - BNP PRE

“With more than €100bn, 4Q19 accounts for more than a third of the €281bn invested in 2019, an amount that is 3 % higher (...)

Finance 06/09/2019

European 1H RE investment slips 13% to €102bn, but yields unlikely to rise

First half European real estate investment slipped 13%yy to €101.8bn, but despite slower growth, yield declines show little sign of reversing, says BNP Paribas (...)

Finance 14/03/2019

Investors still favour offices above all else

With €29.7bn spent on offices last year, a 24% jump from 2017, Germany established itself as the biggest office market in Europe, a surge (...)

Finance 14/03/2019

Reshuffling the investment pack in Europe’s Big Three

UK, on the ropes but not out yet The United Kingdom was on the ropes in 2018 but still managed to hold on to its title (...)

Finance 18/09/2018

European 1H CRE investment up 2% to €115bn - BNPP RE

Commercial real estate investment in Europe rose 2%yy in first half to reach €115.4bn but incoming foreign capital slipped 5% and the mix of (...)