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Logistics 07/03/2022

Segro France takes over DCB Logistics' multi-storey courier service

DCB Logistics has finalised the sale of its first multi-storey mailroom, located on Avenue Montmartin in Corbas near Lyon, to Segro France. This "acquisition (...)

Logistics 15/09/2021

Valor rents a 12,000 sqm urban logistics warehouse in Argenteuil

Valor Real Estate Partners has just leased a 12,000 sqm urban logistics warehouse on the Quai de Bezons in Argenteuil, facing the Seine, for a (...)

Logistics 13/01/2020

Valor acquires three last mile assets in Paris and Lyon for €25m

London-based Valor Real Estate Partners has acquired, on behalf of one of its clients, of three urban logistics assets in France through three separate (...)