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Paris La Défense

Office 29/03/2022

Paris La Défense adapts and increases its take-up

In 2021, Paris La Défense recorded the highest level of transactions - in number (92) and in volume (205,000 sqm) - in the last (...)

Territories 21/03/2022

Mipim gathers 20,000 participants as it gets back on track

After two years marked by the health crisis and a reduced format in 2021, international real estate trade show Mipim made its comeback in (...)

Territories 17/03/2022

Paris La Défense calls for mixed-use, low-carbon urban projects on five sites

The public institution sees this as a "new chapter in its history". Paris La Défense announced at the Mipim the launch of Empreintes, a (...)

Territories 03/01/2022

La Défense's Hermitage Plaza towers project definitively buried

The Hermitage Plaza towers will not see the light of day. The board of directors of Paris La Défense, which met on 28 December, (...)

Office 15/12/2021

"We need to renew the spirit of innovation that characterises La Défense"

Business immo global: Paris La Défense has set itself the ambition of becoming the first "post-carbon" business district. How do you achieve this goal? Pierre-Yves (...)

Office 25/11/2021

BNP Paribas Real Estate bets on wood at La Défense

In early October, public management institution Paris La Défense set itself the goal of "becoming the first low-carbon business district". BNP Paribas Real Estate (...)

Territories 01/07/2021

Paris La Défense: when Groupama Immobilier sets out to reclaim public space

Has the development of La Défense been taken over by the private sector? That's the question one might ask: yesterday, Groupama Immobilier unveiled, on (...)

Green 24/06/2021

Will La Défense's towers be the greenest in France?

Paris La Défense, Saint-Gobain, Allianz, Orange, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Groupama have announced the launch of a major energy saving competition between the (...)

Territories 29/03/2021

La Défense's Les Groues district threatened by an €16m operational deficit

A territorial war. Les Groues district, a 23,500 sqm mixed-use programme divided into eight buildings, may be located in the city of Nanterre, in the (...)

Territories 25/03/2021

New twist for the Hermitage Plaza project in Paris La Défense

Will the Hermitage Plaza towers project — a fifteen year old case — finally come to life in La Défense business district's skyline? Paris La Défense's Board of (...)

Territories 02/03/2021

Paris La Défense is setting up a territorial and international promotion division

Paris La Défense is creating, within its attractiveness department, a territorial and international promotion department. Aude Laurent will be in charge of this entity, (...)

Office 25/02/2021

Paris La Défense and Groupama Immobilier sign the deed of sale for "The Link"

Paris La Défense and Groupama Immobilier have just signed the deed of sale enabling the acquisition of the land and the additional building rights (...)

Career 28/01/2021

Thierry Febvay joins Paris La Défense as Deputy Managing Director

With the appointment of Thierry Febvay as Deputy Managing Director, Paris La Défense now has a full management team. Thierry Febvay will have the (...)

Territories 25/01/2021

Paris La Défense launches a consultation to establish its purpose

Paris La Défense has just launched a consultation on advice and support for the development and implementation of its purpose, within the meaning of (...)

Career 29/09/2020

Pierre-Yves Guice is the new CEO of Paris La Défense

Following the departure of Marie-Célie Guillaume last July, the Board of Directors of Paris La Défense has appointed Pierre-Yves Guice as CEO of the public (...)

Office 22/07/2020

Paris La Défense signs a deed of sale with AXA IMRA for the Altiplano project

Paris La Défense has just signed with AXA-IM Real Assets - acting on behalf of CDC Investissement Immobilier and another of its clients -, (...)

Career 10/07/2020

Marie-Célie Guillaume leaves Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense's board of directors has approved the decision of Chairman Georges Siffredi and CEO Marie-Célie Guillaume to end their collaboration by mutual (...)

Office 11/06/2020

Total signs off-plan lease on Paris La Défense’s 130,000 sqm The Link

Paris-based Groupama Immobilier and French multinational oil and gas company Total have announced the off-plan signing on 14 March of a lease to make (...)

Office 19/05/2020

The City remains the world's leading business district, La Défense confirms attractiveness - EY/ULI

Despite the disruptions caused by Brexit, the City in London remains the world’s leading business district, according to the Global Business Districts Attractiveness Barometer 2020 (...)

Territories 07/05/2020

Paris La Défense chooses Belgian agency Baukunst to add 20,000 sqm vacant space under the slab

Paris La Défense has selected the project of the Belgian architectural firm Baukunst to ensure the exploitation of the 20,000 sqm vacant residual volumes located (...)