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Philippe Journo

Retail 29/10/2020

Compagnie de Phalsbourg cancels rents for brands affected by France's new lockdown

Last spring, Compagnie de Phalsbourg was the first French landlord to cancel all non-food store rentals for the duration of the lockdown. Following the (...)

Retail 17/04/2020

French government urges landlords to cancel 3 months' rent for closed small shops

The French government is asking large property owners to suspend for three months the collection of rents owed the rents owed by very small (...)

Retail 30/03/2020

Founding President of Compagnie de Phalsbourg suspends rents until further notice

Faced with the health and economic crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic, our editorial team regularly offers you interviews, via Skype, with actors from (...)

Retail 17/03/2020

France's Compagnie de Phalsbourg cancels all non-food retailers rents until April 15

"We have decided to simply cancel all rents owed by our non-food retailer customers during the administrative closures, between 15 March and 15 April (...)