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Polygone Riviera Shopping Center

Listed 28/11/2023

Frey launches capital increase "to seize opportunities"

To finance its growth strategy in France and Europe, following the acquisition of the Polygone Riviera shopping centre*, Frey is launching a €101.3m cash (...)

Finance 16/11/2023

At the IEIF conference, the new world takes shape between "making do" and "doing better"

Although the economic context seems to be dampening hopes of continued growth, "it offers a much healthier environment", believes Christophe Morel. Taking note of (...)

Retail 12/10/2023

Frey acquires Polygone Riviera shopping center for €272.3m

Frey makes waves on the Mediterranean. The listed real estate company has exercised its option to purchase all shares in the companies owning the (...)