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Primark France

Retail 04/11/2020

"There is still room in France for new outlets"

Business Immo: How has Marques Avenue weathered the health crisis of recent months, which has been particularly hard on shopping centres and retailers? Zakari Leriche: (...)

Retail 06/04/2020

Commercial real estate players can overcome the Covid-19 crisis in the short term (Scope Ratings)

The slowdown caused by the Covid-19 crisis in Europe has put tenants and shop owners under exceptional pressure. However, according to Scope Ratings, this (...)

Office 03/12/2019

Spanish Zara founder Ortega said eyeing €703m buy of London's Post Building

In a new sign of confidence in the UK capital, Pontegadea, the investment vehicle of Spanish Zara founder Amancio Ortega is about to pay (...)