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Finance 18/09/2023

In the eye of the storm, SCPI funds need to rethink their approach

"Until now, everyone was flocking to property, including SCPIs, as evidenced by the record inflows recorded by SCPIs in 2022, but the mechanical rise (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

Primonial REIM France lowers the subscription price of its office and retail SCPIs

Not a day goes by without a tremor in the SCPI market. Following in the footsteps of La Française REM on Wednesday (see our (...)

Finance 18/09/2023

Fall in SCPI unit prices : Perial AM not immune

As explained in a press release dated 18 September, Perial AM has decided to lower the unit prices of four of its SCPIs, following (...)

Health / Senior 13/09/2023

Praemia Healthcare's completes €500m inaugural sustainable bond issue

Praemia Healthcare,  a subsidiary of Primonial REIM dedicated to healthcare real estate, successfully completed its inaugural issue of sustainable bonds, totaling €500m and maturing in (...)

Career 12/09/2023

Laetitia Trèves and Dimitri Maillard, two major recruits for Macquarie Group

Macquarie Group continues to build its European presence. The Australian company recently recruited two leading figures in the property industry: Laetitia Trèves, formerly Investment (...)

Housing 26/07/2023

Ardian opens doors to residential property in Italy

According to Rodolfo Petrosino, Head of Real Estate Southern Europe, Ardian sees "interesting investment opportunities in the European residential property market". Particularly in Italy, (...)

Listed 24/07/2023

After 100 days at the helm of Icade, Nicolas Joly fine-tunes his strategic plan

After 100 days at the helm of Icade, Nicolas Joly is beginning to outline his strategic project. The listed group's new CEO has carried (...)

Finance 24/07/2023

"Alternative sub-sectors account for over 60% of Primonial REIM's allocation"

Business Immo: You have just finalised the first stage of the €1.4bn purchase of Icade's stake in Icade Santé. In concrete terms, what does this (...)

Office 21/07/2023

At La Défense, the Hekla tower attracts a pharmaceutical group

Little by little, the 76,000 sqm Hekla tower in La Défense is filling up. Following on from the leases taken out by Willis Towers (...)

Finance 14/06/2023

Primonial REIM's acquisition of Icade Santé enters a new phase

The acquisition of Icade Santé by Primonial REIM is progressing apace. In a press release, Icade announced today that it has signed the final (...)

Office 26/05/2023

Amundi confirms the arrival of Willis Towers Watson in the Hekla Tower

As revealed by Business Immo on March 10, Willis Towers Watson (formerly Gras Savoye) is to move into the Hekla tower in Paris La (...)

Office 23/05/2023

A "sluggish" European office rental market in Q1 2023, according to Primonial REIM

According to Primonial REIM's latest study, "Convictions immobilières 2023 - T1"*, the European office rental market was sluggish in the first quarter, while new (...)

Office 17/04/2023

"Our 99.5 % occupancy rate rewards our investment strategy"

Business Immo : SFL has a 99.5 % occupancy rate. What does this figure mean to you ? Dimitri Boulte : It's a historical, (...)

Health / Senior 14/03/2023

Icade sells its healthcare property to Primonial REIM

French REIT/SIIC Icade has signed of an exclusivitý agreement with Primonial REIM covering the liquidity of Icade's stake in Icade Santé, its healthcare property investment (...)

Office 13/03/2023

Who is the next tenant of the Hekla Tower?

Beware of sleeping water. Contrary to the numerous press articles published in recent weeks that report the "emptiness", the "existential crisis" or the "desertion" (...)

Office 10/02/2023

Mazars to leave La Défense

After EY*, another company is preparing to leave the Paris La Défense business district. According to several concordant sources, Mazars will soon hand over (...)

Finance 26/01/2023

"Healthcare will be at the center of our strategy in 2023"

Business Immo: How would you assess Primonial REIM's inflows in 2022? Grégory Frapet: As far as SCPIs are concerned, 2022 will remain a very good (...)

Career 24/01/2023

Juergen Fenk leaves his position as CEO of Primonial REIM

« After careful consideration », in his words, Juergen Fenk has decided to resign as CEO of Primonial REIM ; a position he held (...)

Office 05/01/2023

Primonial REIM buys Paris 12th's Bloom office building from AXA IM Alts

Primonial REIM France has successfully completed the acquisition of the Bloom office building, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris at 61-69 rue de Bercy, (...)

Finance 03/01/2023

Will 2023 be a year of (re)definition for real estate markets?

"The specificity of the current period is that it distinguishes between two time scales: the first around a peak in inflation that may or (...)