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Retail 09/11/2021

A dynamic month of October for Franc’s specialised retail (Procos)

The activity of the French specialised retail sector, followed by the Procos panel, was dynamic in October 2021 (+6.5 %) with an increase for all (...)

Retail 28/10/2021

Specialised retail: a turbulent context in 2021 and uncertainties for 2022

Although the activity of the shops since the beginning of 2021 has been more dynamic than in 2020, in all sectors except health and (...)

Retail 13/07/2021

Retail: important changes in geography to come — Procos

Despite the consumers being back to the shops, the 1st half of 2021, for specialized trade, shows a decline of 18.5% compared to 2019, (...)

Retail 22/04/2021

French retailers' representatives call for "imperative reopening of all shops by 10 May at the latest"

The presidents of the twelve major French retail federations (including Procos) and more than 150 managers of retail networks are calling on the government (...)

Retail 13/04/2021

French specialised retail activity down 27.8% in March 2021 - Procos

In its latest report on specialised retail activity, Procos, a federation representing 300 retailers, has compared activity in March 2021 and 2019. It considers that (...)

Retail 08/03/2021

French specialised retail: activity down 25% year-on-year in February 2021 — Procos

According to the latest report on French specialised retail by Procos, shop activity for February 2021 is 25% lower than in February 2020. These (...)

Retail 10/02/2021

French specialised retail: activity down 3.5% in January 2021 — Procos

Specialised retail in France ended January 2021 on average at -3.5%, according to Procos, with a particularly significant impact on personal equipment (-17%), beauty (...)

Retail 02/02/2021

Closure of shopping centres: French landlords and retailers ask for more clarity and solidarity

By decreeing the closure of non-food shopping centres larger than 20,000 sqm in order to stop the resurgence of the Covid-19* epidemic, the French (...)

Retail 01/02/2021

2020, a year of hardships for France's retailers

At a time when new measures to stop the Covid-19 are put into effect across France, limiting opening hours and closing shopping centres, Procos, (...)

Retail 07/12/2020

French retail federations warn against the decision to postpone the winter sales

Some of the French retail organisations* have criticised the French government's decision to postpone the sales date to January 20. During the consultations conducted by (...)

Retail 20/11/2020

Could the French retail sector postpone Black Friday?

The French Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, has exchanged with representatives from the retail, distribution and e-commerce sectors to discuss a possible postponing (...)

Retail 06/11/2020

Retail rents: CNCC President Jacques Ehrmann condemns Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire's REIT critics

In Les Echos, Jacques Ehrmann, President of the CNCC and Managing Director of Altarea, said he was "shocked" and "perplexed" by the comments made (...)

Retail 23/10/2020

French specialised retail is going through anxiety-provoking uncertainties

How can we be optimistic about the future when the health crisis is still hitting hard on whole sections of the French economy? Particularly (...)

Retail 15/10/2020

French specialized retail turnover slightly up in September - Procos

According to Procos, specialized retail activity in September 2020 was very slightly positive with an average of +0.6%. The brands' web sites continue to (...)

Retail 09/09/2020

France's specialised retail turnover up 3%yy in August - Procos

The activity of the French specialised retail sector in August was comparable to that of the previous month, according to data from Procos, a (...)

Retail 23/07/2020

Facing a 29.9% activity drop in H1 2020, French retailers call on government for help

Since the beginning of 2020, the cumulative decline in turnover of the French specialised retail chains has been -29.9%, according to Procos, a federation (...)

Retail 04/06/2020

Despite mediation, French landlords and retailers do not agree on rents

Following the mediation set up on 23 April by Minister Bruno Le Maire, France’s Ministry of the Economy and Finance announced the drafting of (...)

Retail 14/04/2020

French retail federations denounce CNCC's "solidarity" measures

In a joint press release, the eleven major trade and restaurant federations denounce the recommendations on relations between landlords and tenants during the Covid-19 (...)

Retail 18/03/2020

Five French retail federations requesting the cancellation of rents and charges

Five French federations representing retailers - Alliance du Commerce, FCA, Procos, FFF and FNH - are calling for "the cancellation of rents and rental charges (...)

Retail 16/03/2020

Coronavirus: how France's retail sector apprehends the store closures

Faced with the temporary closure of places "non-essential" to the life of the nation, announced Saturday by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, France’s retail sector (...)