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Finance 19/05/2023

"There is light at the end... but we are still in the tunnel"

BiTV welcomes Hans Vrensen, Managing Director and Head of Research & Strategy Europe at AEW. The global real estate investment manager recently published its 2023 (...)

Finance 18/04/2023

Only €213m invested in the Lyon market in Q1 2023

While Lyon's investment market ended 2022 on a positive note with €1.7bn committed, including nearly €800m in Q4 alone, it has underperformed at the (...)

Logistics 06/04/2023

"In France, we want to grow our portfolio by 50% over the next three years"

Business Immo: What are the main lessons to be learned from 2022? Vincent Sadé: The 2022 economic climate was complex, but logistics proved to be (...)

Logistics 29/03/2023

Who still wants to buy French logistics?

It would be an understatement to say that 2023 is not starting out like 2022 between buyers and sellers of logistics assets in France. (...)

Finance 17/03/2023

« What's going on in the investment market ? »

Business Immo : Each Mipim has its own context. What do you retain from this 2023 vintage ? What is the state of mind (...)

Finance 15/03/2023

European non-listed real estate reports significant downturn in performance (INREV)

The INREV Quarterly Fund Index Q4 2022 reveals a significant downturn in performance, as real estate prices adjust to reflect the weaker economic environment. (...)

Finance 13/03/2023

"Each crisis reminds us a little of the fundamentals from which we should not have drifted"

Business Immo: Faced with strong macroeconomic and geopolitical tensions, real estate investors must now deal with a new financial context. How do you interpret (...)

Listed 28/02/2023

"2023 will be distinguished by a shock to asset values, a real estate shock"

Business Immo: What is your initial assessment of the SIICs’ 2022 annual results? Stéphanie Dossmann: In France, many REIT/SIICs are exposed to retail. They were (...)

Finance 03/02/2023

“M&G will continue buying real estate assets, but will be a little more disciplined doing so”

Business Immo: M&G Real Estate had a record year in France in 2022, with €475m invested. Why were you so active on the French (...)

Finance 30/01/2023

« Buildings that have been untouchable in recent years are becoming our prime targets »

Business Immo : What is Corum's true positioning in the real estate market ? Philippe Cervesi : When you create a management company and (...)

Finance 09/01/2023

Investing in Europe: how to approach 2023

Some courageous investors and advisors have spoken out since last December and have given us their vision of the markets in which they operate. (...)

Listed 14/12/2022

With macroeconomic turbulence ahead, Covivio keeps its head down

"If we had been told a year ago that there would be war in Europe, that inflation would be at 10% in the euro (...)

Finance 14/12/2022

European non-listed real estate performance falls to lowest quarterly level since GFC (INREV)

The INREV Quarterly Fund Index has revealed a sharp correction in performance for the European non-listed real estate market in Q3 2022. Total return (...)

Retail 29/11/2022

Could retail real estate be better equipped to weather the storm?

The last few years have not been kind to retail real estate, a martingale for investors not so long ago. Challenged by the rise (...)

Finance 29/11/2022

“We’re expecting significant repricing in 2023”

Business Immo: M&G Real Estate released today a report entitled “Global Real Estate Outlook: Steering through volatility in the search for value”, in which (...)