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Listed 02/12/2019

Austrian Immofinanz 9mth net rises by half to €203m

Austrian listed property firm Immofinanz, which in autumn called off a long-heralded merger with smaller peer S Immo, reported a 50.1%yy jump in nine-month (...)

Listed 27/11/2019

Austria's Immofinanz, S Immo abandon long-held plans to merge

Two Austrian listed real estate firms which nearly four years ago announced they would merge activities, and bought each other's equity in preparation, have called (...)

Listed 12/11/2019

Austria's CA Immo sells 4m Immofinanz shares for €111m

Austria's CA Immobilien has disposed of just over 4m shares in Austrian peer Immofinanz, around 4.0% of the latter's equity, worth an aggregate value (...)

Listed 28/10/2019

Pecik, Ketterer buy 10% in Vienna's S IMMO, amid merger talks with Immofinanz

Two Austrian and Swiss investors Ronny Pecik and Norbert Ketterer have acquired a 10% shareholding in S IMMO amid the Vienna firm’s merger talks with peer Immofinanz. S IMMO (...)

Listed 29/08/2019

Strong earnings propel Austrian Immofinanz 1H FFO 22% to €59m, doubling net profit

Strong earnings recorded by Austrian listed Immofinanz in 2018 extended into 1H19, boosting FFO 1 by 22%yy to €59m and more than doubling net (...)

Listed 26/08/2019

Austrian UBM, S Immo sell Vienna's Quartier Belvedere project parts for €233m

Two Austrian firms, developer UBM and listed group S Immo, have sold the last elements of Vienna's Quartier Belvedere Central project for €233m well before completion. The (...)

Listed 25/07/2019

Austrian S IMMO expects €120m portfolio uplift in first half results

Austrian listed S IMMO said it expects a portfolio value uplift of some €120m when first-half figures are released in late August, taking EPRA (...)

Listed 11/04/2019

Austria's Immofinanz finds direction, reversing 2017's net loss, doubling FFO to €85m

Immofinanz, the listed Austrian property group that has been searching for direction for years, finally found it in 2018, reversing 2017's net loss and (...)

Listed 05/04/2019

Austrian S Immo 2018 operating figures confirm growth path

Austrian listed S Immo confirmed a 43% rise in FFO for 2018 to €61.1m, and said in final figures that it is confident market (...)

Listed 29/01/2019

Austria's S Immo expects 2018 net significantly above 2017

Austrian listed property group S Immo, the focus of open takeover intentions by larger peer Immofinanz, said it expects consolidated 2018 net income to (...)

Finance 23/01/2019

Vienna’s Immofinanz places €500m benchmark bond, wins first-ever rating

Vienna’s listed Immofinanz has placed a €500m benchmark bond with investors and won a rating from S&P, making it the first-ever rated issue from a Austrian (...)

Listed 30/08/2018

Vienna's S Immo hits record first half FFO at €34m, but net slides

Despite extensive sales in recent years and a cut in rental income in first half 2018, Vienna-based S Immo said it substantially increased FFO1 (...)

Listed 30/08/2018

Austrian Immofinanz raises 1H FFO1 74% to €48m but net slides

Vienna listed Immofinanz reported a 74% rise in FFO1 for the first half to €48.4m. Although net profit slid 18% to €86m, it said (...)