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Swiss Life France

Office 13/05/2020

Swiss Life AM buys a 4,900 sqm office building near Paris’ Place de la Madeleine

Swiss Life Asset Managers France has acquired from French developer 6ème Sens Immobilier a 4,900 sqm office building located at 18 rue Godot de Mauroy, (...)

Finance 12/04/2019

Swiss Life sees negative rates to 2025, eyes more real estate growth - Mächler

At €81bn, real estate makes up 40% of Swiss Life investments and with a base case that real rates will stay negative until 2025, (...)

Finance 05/04/2019

Impact investing with ecological, social standards said at 5%, growing fast

Impact investing, limiting capital allocations to strategies that meet ecological and social guidelines, is now pursued by some 5% of global institutions. But more (...)

Housing 07/03/2019

Vonovia still eyeing France, Sweden, NL - keen to grow outside Germany

German residential giant Vonovia is keen to grow beyond Germany, especially in France, Sweden and the Netherlands, and is at pains to combat European public doubts (...)

Office 05/10/2017

Election of Macron brings foreign investors back to Paris – Expo panel

Expo Real 4 Oct. 2017 – The election of President Emmanuel Macron is ushering in a sea change in foreign perceptions of France, and external investment is (...)