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Housing 21/11/2023

DoveVivo takes on a new identity and completes its offering

There was DoveVivo, Altido and Chez Nestor. Now there's Joivy, bringing together all the brands of the Italian company, a specialist in coliving on (...)

Career 03/10/2023

Atland recruits Antoine Onfray as Managing Director

Former Chief Financial Officer of Tikehau Capital, Antoine Onfray, 40, has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Atland, in charge (...)

Finance 09/06/2023

"The timing is now ideal to launch a real estate credit platform"

BiTV Interview welcomes Maxime Laurent-Bellue, Head of Tactical Strategies at Tikehau Capital. With him, we discuss the group's launch, alongside Altarea, of a pan-European real (...)

Finance 01/06/2023

Altarea and Tikehau Capital join forces to launch a €1bn European real estate credit platform

Altarea and Tikehau Capital have announced the launch of a real estate credit platform targeting €1bn, with €200m already secured from both sponsors. The fund’s (...)

Retail 01/06/2023

IREIT Global acquires french portfolio of 17 retail properties for €77m

IREIT Global, a Europe-focused real estate investment trust managed by IREIT Global Group Pte. Ltd., has entered into a call option agreement to acquire (...)

Logistics 26/04/2023

Two Spanish logistics warehouses join the assets of the SCPI Sofidy Europe Invest

Sofidy has strengthened the assets of its SCPI Sofidy Europe Invest. The subsidiary of Tikehau Capital has acquired two logistics warehouses located in the (...)

Hospitality 07/02/2023

Paris 8th's Hotel California joins Tikehau Capital's portfolio

Located a few meters from the Champs-Elysées, at 16 rue de Berri (Paris 8th), the Hotel California is now owned by Tikehau Capital. Closed (...)

Retail 11/01/2023

Tikehau Capital puts a portfolio of B&M shops back on the market

It was a deal that came close to being completed in mid-2022. Oxford Properties and its subsidiary M7 Real Estate were about to acquire (...)

Office 28/11/2022

Sofidy takes its first steps in Spain

Tikehau Capital's subsidiary is continuing its deployment in Europe. It has thus signed its first acquisition in Spain: an office complex consisting of three (...)

Retail 25/11/2022

Two portfolios for sale, €1.3 bn expected from entities of the Mulliez family association ?

The time seems to be ripe for real estate outsourcing for the Mulliez Family Association (AFM). According to our information, two of the brands (...)

Career 13/09/2022

Marion Lemoine joins Sofidy's investment department

Sofidy, a subsidiary of Tikehau Capital, has strengthened its investment department with the appointment of Marion Lemoine as director. She reports to Olivier Loussouarn, (...)

Office 21/07/2022

Tikehau Capital acquires the Groupe Up Paris HQ

Tikehau Capital announced on 21st July the off-market acquisition of an office building in Gennevilliers, in the suburb of Paris, on behalf of its (...)

Office 27/06/2022

Sofidy pays €47.63m for two buildings in Brussels

Sofidy has strengthened its presence in Belgium with the acquisition of two contiguous office buildings (13,865 sqm), in the heart of the Brussels business (...)

Office 07/06/2022

Six German buildings added to Sofidy's portfolio

Off-market, Sofidy has strengthened its presence in Germany with the acquisition in the heart of the federal district of Bonn of a complex of (...)

Green 04/04/2022

Sofidy extends its SRI approach

Sofidy has obtained the SRI label for its listed property fund Sofidy Sélection 1. The subsidiary of Tikehau Capital thus completes its range of (...)

Office 03/02/2022

Sofidy signs its second acquisition in Dublin for €32.6m

Sofidy is pursuing its European development strategy with the acquisition of the Fitzwilliam Hall complex (2,857 sqm of office space), in Dublin, for €32.6m AEM, from (...)

Retail 05/01/2022

Sofidy closes a €153m retail club deal

Sofidy has completed an institutional club deal with the acquisition of two retail assets in the 13th district of Paris and in Bègles near (...)

Retail 22/10/2021

"We are witnessing the return of the local shop"

Business Immo: Retail is often identified as one of the big losers in the health crisis. Since Selectirente has made it a central element (...)

Housing 03/06/2021

Italy's DoveVivo launches its French coliving platform

DoveVivo, which describes itself as the largest Proptech company in the coliving sector in Europe with over 1,500 buildings and 8,000 rooms, is setting (...)

Green 19/05/2021

Sofidy publishes its ESG Charter

Paris-based fund manager Sofidy is strengthening its responsible real estate investment and management strategy. This approach is part of its global So Durable plan launched (...)