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Retail 15/05/2020

"Health issues will change the design and organisation of companies"

To respond to the health risks caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, inspection and certification company Bureau Veritas is helping French REIT/SIIC Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield update its (...)

Housing 13/05/2020

"The social toll caused by the lack of future projects points to an economic crisis"

After two months of lockdown, as the country begins its reopening this week, construction is gradually resuming in France. But the resumption of construction (...)

Office 12/05/2020

“Some 30% of French telecommuters are expected to return to the office this week”

On this first week of progressive deconfinement, Sylvain Hasse, Head of Corporate Services at BNP Paribas Real Estate, looked back with Business Immo on (...)

Finance 06/05/2020

"At this stage, Paris' real estate market is going through a difficult but not dramatic situation"

In the 2020 edition of their study Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe, PwC and Urban Land Institute named Paris the most attractive city (...)

Logistics 04/05/2020

"P3 Logistic Parks France is in a redeployment period"

A developer and investor specialising in logistics, P3 Logistic Parks has appointed a new senior asset manager, Sébastien Roybon, in the midst of a (...)

Finance 27/04/2020

"Because demand will remain active, Socfim must accompany the supply recovery"

Although the slowdown in its activity has forced Socfim to review its 2020 plan, the BPCE banking group subsidiary is continuing its work with (...)

Hospitality 24/04/2020

"Not all hotels will emerge from the Covid-19 crisis in the same way"

As a result of the containment measures taken by the French government and in accordance with the order of 15 March, all establishments in the (...)

Finance 23/04/2020

"Despite coronavirus, we can expect a certain dynamism in the real estate sector in 2020"

When EY carried out its study forecasting the major trends that could influence real estate investment in France this year, the French players (listed (...)

Retail 17/04/2020

"Frey is setting up a €15m support fund to help its retailers"

Paris-based REIT/SIIC Frey announced the creation of a €15m Merchant Support Fund. CEO Antoine Frey spoke with Business Immo about the impact of the (...)

Housing 15/04/2020

"We aim to expand into the French market after the Covid-19 pandemic."

Business Immo: What is Montague Property? Thomas Balashev: Montague Property is a UK based luxury real estate privately owned company with an established overseas network (...)

Retail 14/04/2020

"Rent postponement is an illusory solution"

Business Immo: Procos has signed, along with ten other trade and restoration federations, a press release condemning the CNCC recommendations in terms of rental relations between landlords (...)

Finance 10/04/2020

“In the current capital-constrained environment, having a significant amount of dry powder positions Blackbrook Capital quite well”

The onset of a global pandemic might seem like a bad time to launch an investment real estate investment firm. Yet, with €1bn of (...)

Listed 27/03/2020

“CBo Territoria is approaching this crisis with caution, but also with confidence”

Business Immo: While publishing its results earlier this week, CBo Territoria announced it was ahead of schedule in its 2017-2021 strategic plan, which plans (...)

Office 26/03/2020

"Primonial REIM is confident it will meet its commitments to its investor clients"

Business Immo: How have the containment measures affected your teams? Grégory Frapet: We spent the first part of last week reorganising Primonial REIM by capitalising (...)

Office 26/03/2020

"Core assets should be favoured, even more so than yesterday"

Business Immo: How do you see the current context related to the coronavirus? Julien Pinault: The circumstances are, in more ways than one, exceptional. The (...)

Finance 24/03/2020

"The real challenge for Constructa lies in the activity on the building sites and with the notaries"

The shutdown of building sites, the inability of notaries to meet clients physically, the closures of administrations delivering planning authorisations: numerous problems caused by (...)

Logistics 23/03/2020

"This crisis will highlight logistics as an essential part of the primary infrastructure of any country."

Business Immo: Facing the Covid-19 outbreak, what challenges do Gazeley and your logistics platform tenants face? Fabrice Cervoni: The slowdown in activity, or even the (...)

Hospitality 23/03/2020

"The hotel business will have to question itself and adapt, but it will not lose its relevance"

The Coronavirus epidemic is hitting the hotel industry hard due to containment measures and travel restrictions around the world. Extendam, a specialist investor in (...)

Listed 20/03/2020

"Covid-19: More than ever, we need to be able to listen and be agile"

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio is continuing its takeover bid for the German company Godewind, which was launched in mid-February and in (...)

Finance 20/03/2020

“We must take collective action and responsibility with a European vision”

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments are taking measures to slow the spread of the virus and try to support economic players. (...)