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Online retailing : impacts, challenges and opportunities for european logistic markets

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Online retailing is an established activity across much of Europe and expected to grow further over the next few years. It is already a significant driver of logistics market activity, and its future growth will introduce significant challenges and opportunities for the logistics networks needed to support it. This is not merely a case of increased demand for generic logistics space. It will also require the development of higher-specification logistics buildings tailored specifically to the needs of online retailing, and capable of handling higher levels of mechanisation and process complexity.

The relentless drive for higher performance standards around delivery of goods will also impose demands on the capacity and flexibility of parcel delivery networks close to the final point of consumption. In response it is likely that more retailers, distributors and parcel delivery companies will need to develop specialist capacity with high throughput, cross-docked capabilities around the edge of major cities. Overall we are at an important point in the intersection of retailing and logistics in Europe, and one that offers significant opportunities to those able to respond to occupiers’ highly dynamic requirements in this fast-maturing sector.

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