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Office 10/05/2022

"Why Métal 57 is the prototype of inclusive real estate..."

Business Immo: The BNP Paribas Real Estate teams have just moved into Métal 57. What is this building called? Thierry Laroue-Pont : Métal 57 is (...)

Finance 05/05/2022

"Our tools are aimed at investors concerned about preserving the value and liquidity of their assets"

Business Immo: Stonal has just raised €20m from Raise Investissement. How did you convince them? Michel Tolila and Robin Rivaton: To be very frank, they (...)

Housing 28/04/2022

"To positively transform the rental property experience for all stakeholders"

Business immo: How did Blueground come about ? Alexandre Devoucoux du Buysson : Blueground was created nine years ago in Greece by four co-founders who started (...)

Hospitality 13/04/2022

"Upscale and luxury are the focus of investor interest".

Business Immo: What are Accor's priorities in Southern Europe? Xavier Grange: We want to focus on higher-end hotels, from top-of-the-range to luxury. The challenge is (...)

Office 12/04/2022

"We can now offer global strategies to enhance the value of assets more effectively"

Business Immo: You took over the presidency of Cushman & Wakefield France 18 months ago. What do you remember about this period? Barbara Koreniouguine: I (...)

Logistics 07/04/2022

"The logistics product remains our core business"

Business Immo: How has GSE fared in 2021? John Baltay: With a turnover and an order book that are up nicely compared to 2020. Indeed, (...)

Retail 29/03/2022

"We want to mix uses in our future operations"

Business Immo: Why did Apsys choose a pair to take over the general management of the group? François Agache: Our shareholders chose to promote the (...)

Hospitality 17/03/2022

"In ten years, we will have gone from seven to 40 Hilton hotels in France"

Business Immo: What is the development strategy for the Hilton group, particularly in France? David Heijligers: Hilton operates more than 6,800 hotels worldwide and recently (...)

Office 15/03/2022

"Today, Colliers France is in a position to capitalise on its strengths"

Business Immo: What is the current state of Colliers France since your arrival in November 2020? Antoine Derville: I joined the company 18 months ago (...)

Finance 07/03/2022

"Altarea's acquisition of Primonial seems to be definitively canceled"

Business Immo: How did you learn that Altarea had given up on acquiring Primonial? Stéphane Vidal: We were supposed to close the deal on Wednesday (...)

Office 03/03/2022

"The reconstruction of the city on itself will involve the obsolete tertiary sector stock"

Business Immo: Icade Promotion is presenting a turnover of more than 1 B€ for 2021, an increase of 11% compared to before the health (...)

Listed 23/02/2022

"Covivio has experienced a recovery in all its business sectors in 2021"

Business Immo: Covivio presented its results for the year 2021 this evening. What do you remember about this year from a financial point of (...)

Finance 21/02/2022

"We want to work on complex deals that require very specific expertise"

Business Immo: What is innovative about Lazard Frères' offer? Vincent Thillaud: As an investment bank, Lazard Frères has developed know-how in mergers and acquisitions with (...)

Finance 14/02/2022

"Our goal is to reach €200m in turnover within four years in Africa"

Business Immo: What is your assessment of the year 2021 for all the real estate activities of the Duval Group? Groupe Duval: The group's overall (...)

Finance 09/02/2022

"Savills France continues to diversify from a business a geographical point of view"

Business Immo: The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on property markets over the past two years. What is your assessment of Savills? Boris (...)

Retail 25/01/2022

"Disposals could be considered by Hammerson France"

You took over from Jean-Philippe Mouton six months ago as head of Hammerson France, which is delivering the Italy 2 extension and preparing the (...)

Finance 24/01/2022

"I am convinced that we are no longer in a cyclical market"

Business Immo: BC Partners announces a record closing for its first real estate investment fund. How do you explain this? Stéphane Theuriau: We have indeed (...)

Office 20/01/2022

"In Lille, new trends must be accompanied by a new or rehabilitated office supply"

Business Immo: What is your assessment of the Lille office market in 2021? Xavier Delecroix: The figures recently provided by the Lille Office Observatory (OBM) (...)

Office 11/01/2022

"We need to seal alliances to create new ways of doing real estate"

Business Immo: Could you introduce the Garage company and its concept? Christophe Levyfve: The story began seven or eight years ago. It started with a (...)

Office 23/12/2021

"Despite the pandemic, the European CRE investment market is in a period of recovery"

Business Immo: Investment volumes fell sharply last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After three quarters, how does the property investment market look in (...)