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Finance 26/01/2023

"Healthcare will be at the center of our strategy in 2023"

Business Immo: How would you assess Primonial REIM's inflows in 2022? Grégory Frapet: As far as SCPIs are concerned, 2022 will remain a very good (...)

Finance 25/01/2023

"Having a long-term positioning does not prevent a very dynamic management"

Business Immo: What is behind this wind of renewal? Nathalie Charles: There is a wind of renewal, certainly, but there is above all continuity with (...)

Retail 23/01/2023

"A major social movement would make the prospect of returning to pre-Covid attendance levels more remote"

Business Immo: The year 2022 has been a difficult one for the shopping centre sector in France, with a clear drop in footfall and (...)

Green 18/01/2023

"My ambition is to increase the impact that Longevity France can have on the real estate sector"

Business Immo: Where is Longevity Partners today in its development in France? Bernard d'Arche: Longevity Partners France is in its third year of operation with (...)

Office 12/01/2023

"The value proposition of the property manager is back in the real estate chain"

Business Immo: Since the health crisis, has there been a change in the way property management is viewed? Csongor Csukás: Yes, property management is receiving (...)

Finance 03/01/2023

"Mimco AM will multiply the club deals in the next months"

Business Immo : With 150 Champs-Élysées, Mimco Asset Management was part of one of the biggest deals of the year 2022. A few months (...)

Finance 20/12/2022

"2022 has been a very bumpy year but that hasn't stopped Savills IM from being very active"

Business Immo: What has been the trajectory of Savills IM in recent years? Laurent Vouin: When I started in 2015 as Managing Director of Savills (...)

Logistics 13/12/2022

« Although it remains active, the logistics market is beginning an adjustment phase »

Business Immo : How is the logistics market doing at the end of 2022 ? René Jeannenot : So far, it is doing well, (...)

Office 12/12/2022

“The evolution of coworking has become a revolution”

Business Immo Global : You founded the Regus Group, now IWG, in 1989. What trends did you identify in the office market at the (...)

Green 08/12/2022

"CBRE wants to be the point of reference for ESG issues applied to real estate"

Business Immo: Why did you integrate Green Soluce within the CBRE France structure? Fabrice Allouche: We have long been convinced that sustainable development is an (...)

Finance 07/12/2022

« About 48 % of investors plan to maintain their real estate acquisition volume »

Business Immo : What is the mood of real estate investors in the current economic climate ? Carine Dassé : First of all, it (...)

Retail 02/12/2022

« The violence of the impact of energy costs will really be felt in January for retailers »

Business Immo : What is your assessment of the year 2022 for Procos ? Emmanuel Le Roch : After two very complicated years due to (...)

Finance 29/11/2022

“We’re expecting significant repricing in 2023”

Business Immo: M&G Real Estate released today a report entitled “Global Real Estate Outlook: Steering through volatility in the search for value”, in which (...)

Logistics 23/11/2022

"Why the Panhard group is changing its name to Telamon"

Business Immo : The Panhard group announces today its change of name and officially becomes Telamon. Why this new identity ? Christophe Bouthors : The (...)

Green 15/11/2022

Without technology, real estate cannot meet ESG challenges

Environmental, social and governance criteria have become crucial for institutional investors, who are heavily involved in long-term operations within very large property portfolios. For (...)

Finance 07/11/2022

"The European PropTech ecosystem is the most diverse and richest in the world"

Business Immo Global: How has the European PropTech ecosystem evolved in recent years? Dirk Paelinck: PropTech encompasses all the technological and business model innovations throughout (...)

Finance 03/11/2022

"Sofidy is in a period of cautious underinvestment, even though it has been collecting funds"

Business Immo: In the face of soaring inflation and rising interest rates, many investors and observers are expecting a repricing movement on the European (...)

Finance 27/10/2022

"We are looking to strengthen the resilience of our portfolio"

Business Immo: This time, the page of the Duo towers, inaugurated at the beginning of the fall, is definitively turned?  Karim Habra: The construction is (...)

Logistics 17/10/2022

"Trammell Crow Company is well positioned to enter the French market"

Business Immo: Trammell Crow Company announced last week the appointment of its director for France and Belgium. How is your foray into the European (...)

Finance 10/10/2022

"The CRE investment market is benefiting from a certain amount of inertia"

Business Immo: Are you surprised by the vitality of the market observed over the last three months in the current economic context? Olivier Ambrosiali: Like (...)