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Retail 19/09/2023

"We are far from the promised cataclysm"

Business Immo : The theme of Siec, which opens on 19 September, is "Retail is back". Why do you call it that ? Marie (...)

Finance 11/09/2023

"My priority is to continue to strengthen Keys REIM's DNA as an agile and innovative management company"

Business Immo: Last spring you took over as Chairman of Keys REIM. What is the current status of this management company? Vincent Férat: Keys REIM (...)

Finance 04/09/2023

"Avison Young set to continue developing in France"

Business Immo: Avison Young celebrated its first anniversary in France this summer. How is your organisation developing today? Thomas Canvel: We now have a team (...)

Finance 31/07/2023

"For the next five years, the asset story will be more important than the sector selection"

Business Immo: How do you analyse the European commercial real estate at the moment given the macroeconomic tensions felt in recent months? Mike Bessell: All (...)

Finance 24/07/2023

"Alternative sub-sectors account for over 60% of Primonial REIM's allocation"

Business Immo: You have just finalised the first stage of the €1.4bn purchase of Icade's stake in Icade Santé. In concrete terms, what does this (...)

Office 20/07/2023

"A slow start to the year, but we're already catching up"

Business Immo: How would you sum up the first half of 2023? Éric Siesse: Yes, we had a slow start to the year, but we (...)

Finance 10/07/2023

« The big difference compared with previous crises is the availability of liquidity »

Business Immo : In the current context of rising interest rates, inflation and difficult access to financing, what is Colliers' day-to-day business ? Has (...)

Retail 06/07/2023

"Our property strategy is compatible with the Casino Group's restructuring plans"

Business Immo: Casino has just signed an agreement to equip all its shops with electric recharging points. What are the details of this agreement? Stéphanie (...)

Office 06/07/2023

European commercial real estate remains more robust than in the United States

What if real estate is the next domino to fall after the US regional banks ? Fears are growing as the environment becomes increasingly (...)

Hospitality 28/06/2023

"Swiss Life truly believes in the outdoor hotel industry"

Business Immo: What role does Swiss Life Asset Managers play in the hotel industry? Johanna Capoani: Swiss Life Asset Managers currently has just over €2bn (...)

Finance 22/06/2023

"We've had trouble agreeing to repricing cuts so far, but it's not sustainable"

Business Immo: A few weeks ago, Afrexim, which you chair, dwelt on the "downward trend in market values" in France, "which is set to (...)

Hospitality 19/06/2023

"Paris led the RevPAR recovery at the end of April 2023"

Business Immo: Do STR's statistics confirm the rebound in the hotel sector in 2022 and since the start of 2023? Aoife Roche: Demand is the (...)

Hospitality 14/06/2023

"The hotel industry is asserting itself thanks to its excellent rebound and its role in the transformation of cities"

Business Immo : What can you take away from 2022, a year of rebound for the hotel industry ? Jean-Marc Palhon : There's been (...)

Hospitality 05/06/2023

"Our coverage of the French and European hotel market is unique"

Business Immo: How has the French hotel investment market evolved in recent years? Carine Bonnejean: In 2019, the volume of hotel investment in France was (...)

Office 02/06/2023

Can the office save the Western world?

In the face of the polarisation of our society, the office remains one of the few places where people can mix. It appears to (...)

Finance 22/05/2023

“For Blackstone, the current dislocation creates opportunities”

Business Immo Global: Can we conclude from the successful fundraising of the Blackstone Real Estate Partners X fund that institutional investors still have a (...)

Housing 12/05/2023

"Co-living and student housing are among the most attractive and strategic asset classes for the coming decade"

BIG: What is Brookfield AM’s positioning on the coliving sector in particular? Vincent Kerboull: The residential sector is one of our main focuses globally, but (...)

Office 09/05/2023

“Deloitte University EMEA is not primarily a real estate project, but an entrepreneurial project”

The story Bertrand Boisselier: Deloitte University EMEA is not primarily a real estate project, but an entrepreneurial project. We started to imagine it about ten (...)

Green 04/05/2023

"Everyone knows the thermostat must now be turned the other way"

Business Immo: Why did Deepki and Sigrid Duhamel come together? Vincent Bryant: We were looking for a leader to chair our strategic committee; a leader (...)

Housing 21/04/2023

Discovering new living concepts in Europe’s residential sector

We see a market in transition. Demographic trends support bespoke living solutions across the lifecycle. This is especially true for living in old age. (...)