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Hospitality 16/01/2020

"AccorInvest’s strategy is to grow in the economy and mid-scale segments in Europe"

With the acquisition of Polish hotel group Orbis, 2019 was a very active year on the investment front for AccorInvest, the real estate division (...)

Listed 13/01/2020

"Icade benefits from the full implementation of its 2019-2022 strategic plan."

French REIT/SIIC Icade is one of the best performing real estate company on the stock market: +55% in 2019, dividends reinvested. Before the presentation (...)

Hospitality 10/01/2020

"Covivio is now present in 12 countries and we intend to consolidate our position in Europe"

Having recently acquired a €620m pan-European hotel portfolio, Paris-based REIT/SIIC Covivio holds €6.9bn in hospitality assets (out of the €24bn assets held by the (...)

Office 07/01/2020

“Altarea Entreprise Studio will be a think tank for the design of our commercial buildings"

In response to changes in uses and working methods, French REIT/SIIC Altarea Cogedim has set up a new entity dedicated to the design of office buildings, (...)

Finance 23/12/2019

"France continues to offer solid opportunities for our investors"

Business Immo: How would you sum up your experience since your arrival at the head of LaSalle France?  Beverley Shadbolt: One of my first commitments (...)

Green 20/12/2019

"We need to find more effective ways to contain the global temperature rise"

Business Immo: Foster + Partners has developed a method for assessing carbon emissions of buildings. Why did you take this initiative? David Nelson and Chris (...)

Office 13/12/2019

"Despite constraints, real estate will continue to attract investors in 2020"

Live from Simi (Paris) - The 26th MSCI Barometer of French real estate investment was presented in Simi by Carine Dassé, Vice President of (...)

Housing 11/12/2019

"Coliving is not a risky investment, but a positioning in hyper-urban residential rental housing"

Business Immo: What is Colonies’ coliving proposition?  François Roth: Our ambition is to enable people from all walks of life to live together comfortably and (...)

Office 10/12/2019

“This partnership illustrates our ability to meet daily needs”

Business Immo: WeMaintain, through BNP Paribas REPM France, has been chosen to manage all Allianz RE's real estate elevators in the Île-de-France region. Why and how was (...)

Finance 09/12/2019

"We need to achieve more coherence in terms of real estate taxation"

Business Immo: What is your reading of the macroeconomic context?  Xavier Timbeau: Clearly, we are seeing all the signs of a soft landing of global growth, especially (...)

Finance 03/12/2019

"Real estate is a very important asset class for Oddo BHF "

Business Immo: Oddo BHF has just acquired the IKO building in Clichy-la-Garenne from LaSalle. Can you remind us of the details of this operation? Grégoire Charbit: IKO was delivered last December and includes approximately (...)

Office 20/11/2019

"Right now we have masses of money targeted towards London"

Huge amounts of investment capital are targeting London city real estate, and the slowdown in development resulting from Brexit worries will worsen the shortage (...)

Logistics 18/11/2019

"Solutions that turn stores into warehouses should tend to develop"

Business Immo: What weight does e-commerce have today in France? Bertrand Pineau: In 2018, French e-commerce generated a turnover of €92bn. And it continues to deliver double-digit (...)

Retail 13/11/2019

“We can learn a lot about what is happening in retail by looking at the success of outlet sector”

Business Immo: How do you explain the enduring performances of outlet centres? Joachim Will: We can learn a lot about what is happening in retail (...)

Finance 30/10/2019

Marseille Provence Real Estate Club, BI launch Dakar Real Estate Day

Marseille Provence Real Estate Club (CIMP) in partnership with Business Immo is replicating its Real Estate Day concept in Senegal from 5 to 7 (...)

Territories 21/10/2019

Grand Paris Express: "Construction potential of 40m to 45m sqm"

Business Immo: For this second part of your study on the Grand Paris Express, what did you use to quantify its impact on the (...)

Finance 18/10/2019

"The real estate industry must equip itself with the technologies necessary for rapid and informed decision-making"

Business Immo: What was the iread mission it set itself when it was created?  Jean-François Grazi: The observation we made is that the real estate industry (...)

Finance 08/10/2019

"BNP Paribas REIM has ambitious growth targets"

Business Immo: A few months after your arrival at the head of BNP Paribas REIM, what do you observe about its activity? Nathalie Charles: With (...)

Logistics 08/10/2019

W.P. Carey looks for mission-critical real estate across a range of types

BIE: What are the main attractions of investment in French regional cities? Arvi Luoma: As a country, France has always been an attractive market for W.P. Carey (...)

Housing 07/10/2019

German Domicil offers unique model in upcoming housing IPO - Chairman Moser

German housing group Domicil is offering a unique business model in its IPO, based on B and C cities and a risk-free package for small investors, (...)