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Finance 18/09/2019

French Keys Asset Management 2.0 rocket ready for takeoff

The duo Pierre Mattei and Cyril Garreau has already set course .. for 2024. Their Paris-based Keys Asset Management, founded in 2011, has hit (...)

Finance 11/09/2019

Meka Brunel: Guiding France's Gecina in a world of real estate undergoing huge transformation

Of course, the half-yearly results of French Gecina are good, very good, says CEO Meka Brunel; this, in a world of real estate going through a singular (...)

Logistics 03/09/2019

“Our SIRE joint-venture will have €2bn of total firepower”

Business Immo: How did your partnership come about? Christian Bearman: Arrow Capital Partners is a private investor and operator in real estate which has backing from one (...)

Logistics 30/08/2019

France's ADP moves to actively manage its 1,242 ha. Paris airport property

France's ADP group, formerly Airports of Paris, is moving to actively manage its 1,242 ha. earmarked for property in order to create airport cities (...)

Listed 26/08/2019

"Altarea Cogedim has become the second largest French residential developer"

Rising turnover, a €19.4bn development pipeline and strong growth in housing sales brought French REIT Altarea Cogedim solid results in all business lines during (...)

Listed 26/08/2019

alstria focuses on refurb, sales as German office values rise faster than rents

With German office values rising faster than rents and investors chasing yield amid low rates, Hamburg's alstria is focusing on refurbishment and non-core sales, (...)

Finance 01/08/2019

Why is Eurazeo Patrimoine entering the capital of Emerige?

Business Immo: Why is Eurazeo Patrimoine entering the capital of Emerige? Renaud Haberkorn: We are entering the capital of Emerige due to three strong convictions. First of all, the (...)

Office 10/07/2019

"Grosvenor Europe is now focusing on Paris office"

Business Immo: Last year, Grosvenor Europe announced its intention to redirect investments toward Paris’ office market. What is the status of this strategic repositioning? Steve (...)

Finance 09/07/2019

"We offer Corestate a gateway to France"

Founded in 1997 and managing €1.4bn in assets, Paris-based investment manager Stam Europe has been acquired by German-listed Corestate Capital. In an exclusive interview (...)

Finance 02/07/2019

“Fifth Wall is looking to work more closely with start-ups based in Europe, where we see a lot of potential”

Business Immo: What is Fifth Wall’s investment strategy? Roelof Opperman: Fifth Wall is the largest venture capital firm focused on the Built World technology and (...)

Hospitality 02/07/2019

“Covivio has acquired a stake in 32 Accor hotels with significant value creation potential”

Business Immo: What does Covivio Hotels unit represent today? Dominique Ozanne: Today, Covivio's hotel business represents €6bn in assets, representing around 15% of our revenues. This activity (...)

Office 11/06/2019

"Léon Grosse Immobilier wants to be a real estate developer"

Business Immo: What does Léon Grosse Immobilier represent in 2019? Barbara Koreniouguine: I joined Léon Grosse Immobilier in March 2018 with a dual objective. On the (...)

Listed 07/06/2019

Selin builds Sweden's Balder to €11bn with buy-hold long-term cash-flows

Erik Selin, one of the least-known real estate leaders in Europe, has built Sweden's Balder to €11bn AUM without business plans, macro views or (...)

Retail 06/06/2019

"Ultimately we’d like to become a pan-European food retail specialist"

BIE: Greenman had €667m deployed in 64 centres in March. Is all of this in Germany? Johnnie Wilkinson: At the moment the only place where (...)

Finance 29/05/2019

"BC Partners is creating a real estate platform on a European scale"

Business Immo: Why did you leave Altarea Cogedim? Stéphane Theuriau: I spent nine years at Altarea Cogedim and participated alongside Alain Taravella and other management (...)

Logistics 27/05/2019

After fantastic 2018, Sweden's Castellum expects 2019 to be more normal, but still strong

For Sweden's Castellum, 2018 was a fantastic year, says CEO Henrik Saxborn. 2019 may be more normal but growth, especially in its new logistics (...)

Housing 22/05/2019

France's Ampère Gestion sees strong investor interest in €2bn second fund

France's Ampère Gestion is winning strong domestic and foreign investor interest as it heads to the next close of its €2bn intermediate housing fund (...)

Hospitality 17/05/2019

French La Française’s €300m tourism property fund aims at diversification

Business Immo: La Française REM launches LF Immo Tourisme. What is it about ? Marc Bertrand: At the vehicle level, this is an OPCI fund for institutional investors, mainly French, with assets focusing (...)

Finance 15/05/2019

Making Greater Paris the first region in Europe for foreign investment

Business Immo: You are the principal contact point for foreign investors potentially interested in Greater Paris. What are your main arguments to convince them? Frank Margain: (...)

Finance 14/05/2019

Grand Paris Express moves into its operational phase

The future Grand Paris Express will have a major urban impact stretching over a radius of a several hundred metres around the 68 new (...)