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Urban America: US cities in the global economy

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Urban America: US cities in the global economy

If the 21st century is the century of cities, as some observers characterize it, urban America begins the millennium in a strong position. Large cities in the United States—and in particular the nation’s broad swath of dynamic middleweights—dominate the economy as in no other region of the world.1 They also loom large in the urban world. Almost one in seven of the City 600, the group of cities that is expected to contribute 60 percent of  global GDP growth to 2025, is in the United States. Large US cities are expected to generate more than 10 percent of global GDP growth in the next 15 years, a larger contribution than all of the large cities of other developed countries combined. So although the burgeoning cities of Asia have seized the public imagination, US cities will remain an important part of the US and global growth story over coming decades.

Source : McKinsey Global Institute

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